Kodak Gallery Ups Web Site Satisfaction By 30% With iPerceptions VoC Analytics

Kodak Gallery
improved web site satisfaction by 30% and raised its Net Promoter Score (NPS) by 57% year-over-year with Voice of Customer initiatives and iPerceptions VoC analytics. The photo imaging site improved visitor satisfaction and engagement by listening to the voice of their customers through a range of feedback channels. These include iPerceptions webValidator online feedback sampling, customer service calls, social media monitoring and web site interaction analyses. Kodak Gallery also uses iPerceptions intercept surveys to measure customer satisfaction and NPS, and to host post-purchase follow-up surveys.

“We are in a highly competitive market, and engaging with customers … to ascertain their likes, dislikes, challenges and aspirations for an online experience is key,” said Lori Tarabek Director, Research, Kodak Gallery, in a press release. “When we launched a new web site in 2009, we wanted to engage with customers on a regular basis to help refine the design and ensure that the online environment continued to align with customer requirements. Ongoing monitoring and reporting of online visitor feedback as well as diligence in pursuing trend changes and investigating the details has made all the difference in the satisfaction of our customers.”

Kodak Gallery’s improvement can be attributed to uncovering or confirming issues via cross-channel investigation, which, when acted upon, provided direct business value or improvement to customer satisfaction.


For example, iPerceptions survey feedback revealed that some visitors desired, but were not able, to download photos from other Kodak Gallery members, even though the “enabled for download” setting was available. Kodak customer service confirmed this issue. As a result, the company changed the default setting to “enabled.” This single improvement, just one among many, increased NPS by 33%.

“By incorporating a diverse set of feedback channels, Kodak Gallery is maximizing the quantity and quality of insights driving customer satisfaction,” said Claude Guay, President and CEO of iPerceptions. “Combining customer inputs from a broad set of feedback channels with a random sampling online survey program that measures results over time is the best strategy for improving customer satisfaction.”

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