Dickies Boosts Conversion Rate 94% on Tmall After Launching Fit Recommendation Tool

Workwear brand Dickies has experienced a 94% increase in conversions since it launched size and fit recommendations on Tmall in China in partnership with 3DLOOK. The brand’s satisfaction rates and Net Promoter Score also have been on the rise.

Dickies rolled out the tool in May 2021 to help address one of its customers’ biggest points of friction: 50% of all support questions were related to size. The solution helped Dickies reduce shoppers’ reliance on support staff and improve the efficiency of the purchasing process while creating an attractive, modern experience for China’s Gen Z shoppers.

The solution lets shoppers select a product, click on the measurement widget and let a voice assistant guide them through the process. 3DLOOK uses two photos — front and side — to obtain more than 80 measurement points, which it uses in tandem with computer vision and 3D statistical modeling to determine the best size and fit for each customer’s body.

“Personalization matters more than ever and we know that modern, digital consumers expect shopping experiences that cater to their individual needs,” said Whitney Cathcart, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at 3DLOOK in a statement. “With size selection being a big barrier to purchase, our fit solution for Dickies produced results that deliver to the demands of their shoppers.”


A survey by Bain found that 87% of Dickies customers say the platform has improved the shopping experience. The study also found that 94% of shoppers rate sizing as the key barrier to purchasing garments online. The research concluded that the tool had “made a positive impact on Dickies brand image and was perceived to be strong in delivering a young and innovative image and sense of style.”

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