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The rules of retail are constantly changing. Today, we're in an exciting new era where brands can differentiate through experience and use technology to connect with customers in new and exciting ways. Retail Remix is a new podcast series brought to you by Retail TouchPoints, the industry's leading source for news, insights and research for all things customer experience. Bi-monthly, we sit down with someone who is helping put a new spin on the retail experience. Hear from the top practitioners, analysts and innovators in retail, and see what new engagement opportunities await.

Latest Episodes

Episode 92
Featuring: Alessandro Bogliari, The Influencer Marketing Factory
“How do you define social commerce?” The answer may be different depending on who you ask. But Alessandro Bogliari, Co-Founder and CEO of The Influencer Marketing Factory, firmly believes that social commerce should be defined as sales that can be completed within social platforms.   Platforms like Instagram and TikTok are rolling out more social commerce…
Episode 90
Featuring: Oscar Sachs, Salesfloor, Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor, Regina Aiello, Ben Bridge Jeweler
What does it take to create a base of passionate and engaged associates? This is a top-of-mind question for retailers of all sizes and across categories. That is why in this episode of Retail Remix, we have a panel of experts who want to provide answers and guidance for…
Episode 89
Featuring: Milen Mahadevan, 84.51° & Cara Pratt Kroger Precision Marketing
Accelerated digital behaviors are accelerating the need for more immersive, data-driven customer experiences. That is why 84.51° and Kroger Precision Marketing are focusing on building, and perfecting, the retail media model for its brand and advertising partners.   But how can brands create highly immersive omnichannel experiences while also being mindful of…
Episode 88
Featuring: Steven Hong, Discount Bandit
Discount Bandit is a marketplace with one goal: to give consumers access to the best deals on products. But there’s a catch: the listings are “blind,” which means consumers don’t know which retailers are providing these items.   With this unique model, Steven Hong, Discount Bandit’s CEO, has learned a lot about…
Episode 87
Featuring: Taylor Schreiner, Adobe Digital Insights
You may have seen headlines that ask a similar question: is Cyber Weekend dead? Taylor Schreiner, Director of Adobe Digital Insights, doesn’t think this reflects the entire story around holiday shopping trends and behaviors.   In this episode of Retail Remix, Taylor gets into the key findings from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, as…
Episode 86
Featuring: Jim Inglis, The Home Depot
Jim Inglis has a 60+ year career in retail including a long tenure at The Home Depot. With his book Breakthrough Retailing: How a Bleeding Orange Culture Can Change Everything, he reflects on his time with the home improvement retailer and, most of all, what other brands can learn from the company’s rise, stagnation and rebirth.   During…
Episode 85
Featuring: Geronimo Chala, Rebag
Rebag sits perfectly at the intersection of sustainability and luxury. Consumers are becoming more mindful of the products they purchase and how they get to their doorsteps, but at the same time, they also have a hunger for higher quality products that last a long time.   Rebag is capitalizing on these behaviors by creating…
Episode 84
Featuring: Kristin Smith, Fernish
As an executive, Kristin Smith is always focused on finding “wide open spaces.” She believes these spaces or gaps highlight real customer needs and present new opportunities for businesses to differentiate and grow.  And she found a lot of these opportunities in Fernish, which ultimately inspired her to invest in, advise and join the company as President…
Episode 83
Featuring: Philip Smolin,
To create a new product and brand that can compete in the ever-growing ecommerce world, you need an incredible amount of insight. With its proprietary CLAIRE™ intelligence platform, has the power to map connections between unrelated data to identify which opportunities will drive the most value.   How can other brands and retailers reap similar…
Episode 82
Featuring: Phillip Raub, Model No.
Model No. has one key goal: to minimize waste in the home and commercial furniture space. To accomplish this mission, the company has had to focus on building trust and credibility through its customer experience.   During this week’s Retail Remix, Phillip Raub, the CEO of Model No., reveals the brand’s key investments across…

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