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The rules of retail are constantly changing. Today, we're in an exciting new era where brands can differentiate through experience and use technology to connect with customers in new and exciting ways. Retail Remix is a new podcast series brought to you by Retail TouchPoints, the industry's leading source for news, insights and research for all things customer experience. Every week, we sit down with someone who is helping put a new spin on the retail experience. Hear from the top practitioners, analysts and innovators in retail, and see what new engagement opportunities await.

Latest Episodes

Episode 206
Featuring: Nick Bodkins, Founder, Boisson
Boisson was created to make it easier for consumers to discover and learn about non-alcoholic beverage brands. The company helped jumpstart the market, which is projected to have a 25% compound annual growth rate through 2028.   Founder Nick Bodkins had a vision where Boisson was “the Sephora of…
Episode 204
Featuring: Brian Librach, Author, The Retail Leader’s Roadmap
Brian Librach has held leadership positions at various retail brands, from Old Navy to Pacific Sunwear and Urban Outfitters. Needless to say, he’s faced his fair share of hardships and lessons learned.   The one big thing he has found is that many retail leaders are “stuck halfway up the…
Episode 203
Featuring: Sarah Monahan, Head of Verticals, Roku
Connected TV (CTV) is becoming a central marketing and advertising channel for brands as streaming networks bolster their subscription offerings. They’re becoming a conduit for delivering engaging, personalized campaigns that drive brand awareness, product discovery, in-store traffic and conversions.  Roku is helping drive this new era of shoppable content…
Episode 202
Featuring: Zach Zalowitz, Principal – Order Management Practice, Perficient | Justin Racine, Principal – Unified Commerce Strategy, Perficient
Retailers know that digital influences the customer journey, from initial awareness to post-purchase. So why is there still such a staggering divide between consumers’ digital and physical brand experiences?  We explore the gaps, challenges and opportunities on this week’s Retail Remix with Justin Racine and Zach Zalowitz of Perficient. Together…
Episode 201
Featuring: Ben West, Partner, Juxtapose
Juxtapose positions itself as a “creation-oriented investment firm,” which means their investment process is based on businesses that don’t exist yet. Focusing on industries that are under-served, Juxtapose’s team then harnesses the power of entrepreneurialism and an investment firm’s diligence to identify and invest in new business opportunities.  During this…
Episode 200
Featuring: Retail Remix guests
Four years and 200 episodes later, we’re celebrating how far the retail industry and the Retail Remix podcast have come! What better way to do that than to listen back to the conversations that sparked some of the show’s top geek-out moments?  Listen to find out which guests drove…
Episode 199
Featuring: Loretta Choy, Chief Merchandising and Client Services Officer, Stitch Fix
Stitch Fix has access to rich data and insights to understand consumers’ wants, needs and behaviors. Additionally, it harnesses the unique knowledge and expertise of its styling and merchandising teams to ensure it is striking the right balance between personalized service and surprise and delight.   During this episode of…
Episode 198
Featuring: Melissa Minkow, Director of Retail Strategy, CI&T
Up to 81% of consumers say they prefer to shop with brands and retailers that have both online and offline channels, according to CI&T’s latest Connected Retail Report.   This data point may not be surprising most, but it’s the underpinning of a lot of new trends around how consumers…
Episode 197
Featuring: Ron Thurston, Co-founder, OSSY
Ron Thurston turned his passion for retail into the book Retail Pride and podcast series Retail in America. Now, he’s turning his learnings speaking with retail leaders, associates and emerging talent alike into a new company: OSSY.   During this episode of Retail Remix, he reflects on how his career…
Episode 196
Featuring: Michelle Bacharach, CEO & Co-founder FindMine
Although generative AI has the power to shake up all retail functions, early use cases and success stories suggest that marketing, content and ecommerce teams have the most to gain. These teams are feeling more pressure to create relevant, impactful and on-brand content. Gen AI will allow them to…
Episode 195
Featuring: Brandon Ball, CEO, Starch Creative
Digital channels and platforms make it easier for brand leaders to create and amplify stories at scale. However, many retail executives have learned that despite its power, digital can never replace the distinct value of physical environments. That’s why brands like Adidas, Converse, The North Face and Vans have…

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