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The rules of retail are constantly changing. Today, we're in an exciting new era where brands can differentiate through experience and use technology to connect with customers in new and exciting ways. Retail Remix is a new podcast series brought to you by Retail TouchPoints, the industry's leading source for news, insights and research for all things customer experience. Every week, we sit down with someone who is helping put a new spin on the retail experience. Hear from the top practitioners, analysts and innovators in retail, and see what new engagement opportunities await.

Latest Episodes

Episode 188
Featuring: Filip Luneski, VP of Marketing, Lucid Green
Once illegal and highly stigmatized, cannabis has become a legitimate, diverse and thriving market. Not only has the cannabis industry experienced significant growth over the past few years, it has also driven significant innovation in marketing, store design and customer experience. Despite this positive disruption, the cannabis retail space…
Episode 187
Featuring: Vivek Pandya, Lead Insights Analyst, Adobe Digital Insights
Despite rumblings of a wary consumer, shopping results from Thanksgiving weekend reveal that consumers were eager to shop. For example, data from Adobe Digital Insights reveals that results from the weekend, especially Cyber Monday, beat initial projections. In this special episode of Retail Remix, host Alicia Esposito sits down…
Episode 186
Featuring: Nikki Baird, VP of Strategy, Aptos
Results from Retail TouchPoints’ latest Store Ops Survey reveal that store ops budgets are increasing, and retailers are investing more in new in-store technology. As merchants strive to improve efficiency and personalize customer experiences, they need to ensure they’re prioritizing the right solutions, whether it be mobile devices, digital…
Episode 185
Featuring: Natalie Cotter, Director of Digital Retail, Liquid Death | Claire Tassin, E-commerce Analyst, Morning Consult
From leveraging social media to exploring marketplaces and strategic advertising, there are countless avenues to capture mindshare and carve a unique space for your brand online. You can find a shining example of this immense potential in the canned water company Liquid Death. In this episode of Retail Remix,…
Episode 183
Featuring: Neil Clifford, CEO, Kurt Geiger
The luxury consumer is changing. She’s younger, more tech-savvy and embracing a hybrid of trends, from “quiet luxury” to bold colors and patterns. Kurt Geiger is adapting to these new realities while staying true to its UK roots – and is expanding globally along the way. During this week’s…
Episode 182
Featuring: Melissa Gonzalez, Principal of MG2 and Founder of The Lionesque Group
Gen Z’s spending power is growing. That’s why brands are focused on truly understanding their behaviors and preferences across all channels. To shed light on how Gen Z prefers to shop in stores, MG2 conducted a comprehensive study that included both qualitative and quantitative feedback. The results paint a…
Episode 180
Featuring: Leonard Brody, Co-founder and Executive Chairman, Caravan
The celebrity-backed brand isn’t dying…it’s evolving. In fact, Leonard Brody, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Caravan, believes that these brands carry substantial weight and increasingly resonate with consumers thanks to the power of social media.   Leonard would know. Caravan plays a secret role in building these brands behind…
Episode 179
Featuring: Tyler MacDonald, Senior Manager, Influencers and Social Media, Pac Sun; Charlotte Mostaed, CMO, HEALTH-ADE; Kelly Sawkins, VP of E-commerce and Marketing, Sundays; and Kaleigh Moore, Contributor for Retail, e-Commerce & DTC Business, Forbes
At the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo (RICE), attendees learned that you can elevate your brand’s presence, engage your audience and stand out in an increasingly competitive digital climate by tapping authentic content, partnerships with the right influencers, and healthy doses of experimentation. During this Retail Remix episode, we…
Episode 178
Featuring: Callie Canfield, Chief Brand Officer, Hanna Andersson
To its community of loyal customers, Hanna Andersson is so much more than just a children’s clothing company. It’s a trusted brand that puts safety, quality and ethical production at the forefront to empower parents around the world. With a steadfast dedication to protecting childhood innocence, Hanna Andersson also…
Episode 177
Featuring: Emily Gittins, Co-founder and CEO, Archive
In an era where sustainability and environmental consciousness are at the forefront of consumer demands, the fashion industry is facing increasing pressure to reduce its environmental footprint. Fortunately, technology is stepping in as a powerful ally in this quest for change. From digital samples to recommerce platforms, innovative solutions…

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