12 Restaurant Brands Choose Cloud-Based Loyalty Platform

1-PUNCHHWhat do restaurants including Smashburger, El Pollo Loco, Pieology and Veggie Grill all have in common? They are part of the dozen brands that selected Punchh, a cloud-based technology platform that builds engagement, loyalty and customized experiences in the restaurant industry, during Q4 2016.

“Basic loyalty programs no longer work,” said Brian Loeb, Digital Marketing Manager for Smashburger in a statement. “Consumers expect tailored experiences that integrate everything including loyalty, ordering, payments and offers through any channel and from anywhere. With Punchh, we will be able our offer a sophisticated, meaningful experience to customers and really know who they are, which will help us distinguish ourselves within a competitive landscape.”

Punchh, with clients including 70 restaurant chains such as TGI International and Quiznos, provides a platform that allows restaurants to shape personalized offers designed to attract and engage more meaningfully with loyal customers. 


Interaction types include loyalty, ordering, payments, offers, feedback, surveys, games and gift cards. The platform also offers the ability to segment customers, predict customer behavior, create and execute targeted campaigns and track performance in real-time.



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