Millennials, Gen Z Value Brick-And-Mortar More Than Older Peers

Although Millennial and Gen Z shoppers have been raised with Internet connections, they still appreciate a fulfilling trip to the store. In fact, members of these generations actually believe more strongly than their elders that brands should operate physical stores.

Believe it or not, 80% of Gen Z consumers and 82% of Millennials say it’s important for brands to have a store presence, compared to only 69% of Gen Xers and 65% of Baby Boomers, according to a report from iModerate.

However, each generation has a different motivation driving them to shop in the store:


  • Gen Z shoppers seek reassurance and trust through the opportunity to try on apparel and accessories, or view product demos before a purchase is made;

  • Millennial shoppers seek efficiency and often turn to big box stores to save time. While they’ll be willing to spend money, they’ll also lean on coupons or rewards to help;

  • Gen X shoppers seek an escape from their everyday, often hectic routine, and want to discover new experiences and products;

  • Baby Boomer shoppers seek comfort and space, and are more price conscious as they shop. They value quality products on a budget so they can focus on saving for the future.

Market research firm iModerate conducted the survey with 844 consumers older than 15 years of age who shop in a store or online at least monthly.

Delivering A Consistent Experience For All Ages

When it comes to building the definitive in-store experience, a majority of consumers of all ages seek out these elements:

  • Product variety (88% of consumers);

  • Convenience (86%);

  • Ease of finding products (86%);

  • Customer services (81%);

  • Ease of return (74%); and

  • Product quality (74%).

The report recommended that retailers can attract consumers of all ages through hiring employees who are passionate about the brand, and providing them with in-depth training.

Additionally, the survey encourages physical interaction with the product so that nothing impedes the consumers’ exploration process, enabling the retailer to differentiate itself from online stores. Perks such as free samples, demos, small snacks and drinks, WiFi, phone charging or even in-store coffee shops or restaurants can add value that is in line with the brand, and also help make the store a rewarding destination — not just a transaction.



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