Texas Roadhouse Sees 71% Higher Engagement On Facebook Place Pages

Merchants are working towards building stronger relationships with customers by putting a more relevant and local spin on their cross-channel marketing strategies. By harnessing the power of Facebook Place Pages, Twitter and Instagram, organizations can to just that, and in turn, boost engagement, loyalty and overall purchase rates.

Texas Roadhouse, a steakhouse chain with approximately 400 locations across the U.S., uses localization as the foundation of all marketing strategies. Since implementing the MomentFeed social media platform, the company successfully has maintained this local spin on marketing, and improved communication with customers across social channels, according to Dave Dodson, Director of Communications at Texas Roadhouse. In fact, Texas Roadhouse Facebook Place Pages have seen a 71% higher engagement rate versus the standard brand page.

“Our entire marketing approach always has been locally-driven, so when we ventured into the world of social media, we wanted to make sure we utilized that same approach to keep a community focus and have more one-to-one communication with customers,” Dodson said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “MomentFeed allows us to capture the content being generated by consumers: from the pictures they are posting on Instagram, to the comments they are publishing on Facebook and Twitter, and the check-ins they make on Foursquare.”


Since adopting the platform in August 2012, Texas Roadhouse also has seen the following benefits on the local Facebook Place Pages:

  • 145.14% improvement in unique organic impressions;
  • 75.47% increase in unique viral impressions;
  • 54.25% increase in customers tagging locations;
  • 33.02% boost in number of customers “checking in” to locations; and
  • 5.33% increase in “likes.”

With instant access to consumers’ activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare, Texas Roadhouse now can better determine the effectiveness of specific social campaigns and communication strategies. Team members also understand how consumers perceive the brand based on the feedback they share across social networks. 
“It is extremely beneficial to be able to measure sentiment and determine the successes, areas of improvement and more importantly, what our consumers are saying and thinking about the Texas Roadhouse brand,” Dodson said. “We also can tap the MomentFeed platform to benchmark competitor activity in local areas, which offers a different perspective to our social media marketing strategies.”

The ability to respond to feedback, as well as republish compelling user-generated content on brand social accounts, also helps drive the chain’s social marketing strategies, Dodson explained. Rather than tracking siloed sites and randomly responding to comments, the Texas Roadhouse team is leveraging a more streamlined process to generate valuable dialogue with customers and optimize engagement using a single platform.

“That kind of one-on-one communication is really important to us,” Dodson stated. “There is a lot of power in acknowledging what our consumers are saying across social networks then responding to them, even if it’s just ‘thank you for your business.’”

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