Charlotte Tilbury Steps Further into the Metaverse with Virtual Group Shopping

Charlotte Tilbury Shop with Friends Obsess

Beauty brand Charlotte Tilbury has become the first retailer to debut the new Shop with Friends ecommerce functionality from Obsess, which allows groups of consumers to visit Charlotte Tilbury’s virtual Beauty Gifting Wonderland shop together in real time.

“My three-dimensional virtual Beauty Gifting Wonderland is at the center of the Charlotte Tilbury metaverse this holiday season,” said Charlotte Tilbury, Founder, President, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty in a statement. “It combines all the sparkle and retail theater of our stores with the ease and portability of the digital universe to unveil a truly immersive Charlotte Tilbury experience. Customers will be guided by my Magic Charlotte avatar to enjoy the magic of in-store from the comfort of their own home.”

Obsess is an experiential e-commerce platform that enables brands to create interactive, shoppable virtual stores and showrooms. With the launch of the new Shop with Friends feature, Obsess clients like Charlotte Tilbury can now turn shopping visits to their online virtual stores into the kind of fun social activity that shopping often is in real life.

Shop with Friends lets customers invite others to join them in a virtual store experience by sending friends and family a link to the virtual store via email or text. Integrated video allows individuals in the group to see and hear one another as they navigate the virtual environment separately or together, just as they might in a multiplayer video game. Users can opt to view the live video feed of the other participants on the side of their screen or hide the feed to see the virtual store in full-screen mode.


For example, when one friend is browsing the Charlotte Tilbury virtual holiday shop on, others in the group can easily interact, join the shopper on one of three immersive islands dedicated to Charlotte’s gifting universe, look at the shades of makeup their friend is trying and give tips — all in real time.

“We have always been a digital-first brand and by launching [the Shop with Friends] feature within our virtual store, we are truly operating as an omnichannel business to bring our customers rich and immersive experiences whenever and wherever they meet the brand,” said Corinne Suchy, Chief Growth and Technology Officer at Charlotte Tilbury in a statement.

“In the real world, so many of us love to go shopping with our friends as a social outing, but until now no one has been able to re-create that group experience online,” said Neha Singh, Founder and CEO of Obsess in a statement. “Our Shop with Friends video feature lets groups of friends navigate virtual stores together and talk to one another in real time to share advice and inspiration, just like we do when shopping in physical stores. Many younger shoppers have grown up interacting online with friends in video games and esports and this feature brings the best elements of the gaming world to the experience of digital shopping.”

The Shop with Friends feature also can enable store associates, stylists and influencers to guide shoppers to different areas within Obsess virtual environments to demonstrate products and share styling tips. Wholesale seller also can use Shop with Friends to highlight products for buyers in virtual showrooms created by Obsess.

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