GoDaddy Unveils Niche Domain Names To Help Businesses Craft Memorable URLs

Regardless of their size, businesses across categories should view their web site URL as an important extension of their brand. After all, with many consumers seeking out web addresses on billboards, TV commercials and of course, search engines, mastering the art of a compelling URL is an art in and of itself.

Internet services company GoDaddy is helping businesses create more personalized, relevant domain names based on their area of expertise, go-to-market strategy or even their product and service offerings. That means large retailers, brands and small boutiques alike can implement domain names that better reflect their businesses.

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In early February, GoDaddy unveiled seven new domains, including “.clothing” for purchase by retailers and brands worldwide. A mere few weeks later, the company has more than 50 new domain names to help web browsers have a more memorable and seamless experience, while also helping business partners get found.

“We’re at the very beginning of a very large shift in the domain name system as we know it and the way by which all of us globally navigate the Internet,” said Mike McLaughlin, VP and GM of Domains at GoDaddy, in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. The company’s new venture, fundamentally, is designed to “give both large and small businesses the ability to find domain names and web addresses that perfectly suit the goals of their companies.”

In a world seemingly flooded with “.coms” and “.nets,” tailored domain names can help businesses stand out and brand their organizations more effectively.

“As you’re branding your business, the domain name is indispensible,” McLaughlin noted. “When you think about businesses just getting started, the first thing they may do is go to GoDaddy and search for a domain name. With the expansion of the name spaces, new businesses are going to have a lot more web address options available.”

Creating More Localized Domain Names

The variety of domains being released by GoDaddy also provides companies with more options in terms of how they’d like to tailor their online presence. For example, “.nyc” or “.la” domains can help tailor the web site to specific geographic areas, while “.clothing” and “.shoes” offer a better understanding of a company’s product focus.

“A large portion of the names we have coming out are interest group specific, so we think that will be the primary use,” McLaughlin noted. “So that means companies will be choosing domain names that are very specific to them and what they do.”

Although it remains to be seen whether the new domain names will impact search engine rankings, they will help provide an element of relevancy to business’ marketing initiatives across all channels, according to McLaughlin.

“There are a lot of studies out there about the prevalence of search, but there are so many ways a business gets found,” McLaughlin said. “They can see a flyer, a billboard, or even hear about it via word of mouth. For each one of those, your domain name really matters. A domain name that is short, memorable and easy to spell — those are the elements that make for a good brand and thus, a great domain name. Whatever you’re marketing, a domain name can immediately tell someone what your business is about.”

GoDaddy will be taking the domain name initiative to market by targeting two groups: Nascent businesses that are starting to build their online brand, and existing GoDaddy customers who may want to develop another point of web presence that stems from a pre-existing site.

Regardless of the audience, McLaughlin stated that more companies will be asking: “How can I innovate and create more than just a monolithic site that I point everyone toward?”

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