Albertsons’ Retail Media Network Aims to Streamline CTV Advertising with new Collective TV Offering

Albertsons Media Collective has launched a platform to make it easier for brands to buy connected tv ad spots.
Image courtesy Albertsons Media Collective

Albertsons Media Collective, the retail media arm of Albertsons Companies, has debuted Collective TV, a new solution designed to “unlock the combined value of retail media and TV.” The offering brings together a variety of connected TV (CTV) ad serving and measurement solutions, along with Albertsons Media Collective’s shopper data and insights, into a single platform from which advertisers can execute a wide range of CTV initiatives.

Digital video ad revenues are expected to reach $63 billion this year, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, but despite this growth the pathways for running CTV campaigns remain complex, because advertisers are faced with an overwhelming array of siloed solutions from agencies, networks, streaming publishers, identity solutions and ad tech platforms.

“Advertisers need a smarter, more effective way to execute CTV and video campaigns,” said Kristi Argyilan, SVP of Retail Media for Albertsons Media Collective in a statement. “With Collective TV, we’re removing the silos between publishers, demand-side platforms and identity solutions by offering an outcome-driven TV solution that is flexible, scalable and measurable.”

Albertsons’ Collective TV’s goals are to solve for this by “providing advertisers with a modern currency for targeting, measuring and optimizing campaigns across streaming, digital video, and soon, linear TV,” according to a company statement.


“CTV represents some of the most premium inventory for advertisers,” said Ben Sylvan, VP of Data Partnerships at The Trade Desk in a statement. “Albertsons’ purchase-based data represents an opportunity for media buyers to bring that incredibly valuable data to inform their media buys on the big screen and focus on the most valuable buyers. This represents a major change that will improve the consumer experience and continue to support the streaming content we all love, and we look forward to media buyers reimagining what’s possible in their CTV media plans.”

The launch of Collective TV comes on the heels of Albertsons Media Collective’s partnership with Google and LiveRamp to reach streaming audiences with Google’s Display & Video 360 Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation (PAIR) protocol. As an early adopter of PAIR, Albertsons Media Collective connects Albertsons’ shopper audiences with premium content while leveraging LiveRamp’s platform to enhance security and privacy for publisher and marketer data collaboration.

Now with Collective TV, advertisers and publishers can choose from three service channels that connect an array of tech solutions and platforms, including:

  • A Premium Offering Channel that enables brands to execute omnichannel video campaigns using modern currency and measurement with iSpot and access to premier video and CTV inventory with Display & Video 360, including YouTube. Additional CTV inventory is available through FreeWheel, and personalized and localized dynamic content optimization across this premium channel offering is enabled through Clinch. As part of the partnership with Display & Video 360, advertisers also can create shoppable YouTube video ads with Collective TV;
  • A DIY CTV Channel, which features build-it-yourself capabilities that are designed for brands that want to roll up their sleeves. Brands or agencies that work with The Trade Desk can access 80% of all premium CTV inventory, which includes Albertsons Media Collective’s first-party audience data and item-level closed-loop measurement for on- and offline sales. Additional capabilities include weather and location data integration and marketing-mix-modeling integration. Linear audience reach extension will be available later this year via iSpot; and
  • A Collective Syndication Channel, for publishers and streaming services with their own advertising platforms that want to leverage Collective TV to offer extra value for their advertisers.

“In 2023, we spearheaded the framework for standardization to enable consistent measurement across retail media,” noted Albertsons Media Collective’s Argyilan. “Now we’re reimagining video measurement and optimization across all channels through our co-op garden approach and first-party data, all with an eye toward simplifying the complexity in this space our clients are having to navigate.”

To learn more about retail media, check out our full guide here.

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