Beautyque NYC Debuts New Interactive VR Shopping App

Beautyque Verse app entry to virtual store.
Image courtesy Beautyque NYC

Beauty retailer Beautyque NYC — which debuted in 2020 as the first 3D virtual beauty store — is testing out a new technological innovation in the beauty space: a virtual reality app that will allow users to immerse themselves in a virtual beauty store where they can interact with and shop for products.

The brand got its virtual start out of necessity — Co-founders Sonia Khemiri and Sylvie Giret were finalizing the lease for their first SoHo store in March 2020 when the pandemic hit, Khemiri told Retail TouchPoints earlier this year. So they pivoted and launched an immersive online store instead.

The new Beautyque Verse app features an evolution of that 3D store concept. “It’s not just about the enhanced visual quality and user interface; we’ve integrated advanced AI and AR capabilities to create a more personalized shopping experience,” explained Khemiri in a statement. “The platform is more intuitive, interactive and tailored to each user’s preferences, reflecting our commitment to innovation and customer-centric design.”

The Beautyque Verse app has soft-launched in beta for iOS and Android devices as well as Oculus headsets, and an upcoming WebXR version (a plug-in for websites to enable “extended reality” experiences through various hardware like headsets) will offer users a glimpse of how the experience will work on other platforms.


Product detail page within the Beautyque Verse app.
Image courtesy Beautyque NYC

Blending VR technology with beauty shopping, Beautyque Verse users will be able to explore, interact with and buy products in a 3D environment, as well as interact with other shoppers. Detailed product displays enhance the product exploration experience, and soon, upwards of 20 products also will feature AR try-on capabilities. The “BeautyQoach Amara” AI guides users through the store and offers tailored product recommendations based on chat interactions.

“Beautyque Verse represents our ambition to blend technology with beauty shopping,” said Khemiri. “It’s a platform where immersive experiences and community engagement will come together to shape the future of beauty retail. “Beautyque Verse is more than a product destination; we’re nurturing an innovative space for learning and personal growth in beauty, emphasizing an ‘outside-in’ approach,” Khemiri added. “We embrace VR, AR and AI, balanced with human insights, to gently guide this unique journey. Our aspiration is to thoughtfully expand our offerings and, in doing so, contribute meaningfully to the evolving landscape of beauty tech.”

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