Adore Me Drives Recurring Revenue With Technology From Dotcom Distribution

Online-only retailers are implementing cutting-edge strategies such as offering subscription models, as well as the option to buy a la carte. Offering this flexibility helps eTailers stand out among competitors, as well as drive incremental revenue. 

Lingerie eTailer Adore Me, for example, has experienced substantial growth since its launch in early 2012 by creating an e-Commerce experience that caters to a variety of shopper preferences. 

Within the last year, Adore Me grew approximately 50% month-over-month, according to Morgan Hermand-Waiche, Founder and CEO of Adore Me. Increased interest largely was driven by the retailer’s extensive social presence and focus on providing customers with personalized showrooms based on their unique styles. To keep pace with heightened demand, the retailer partnered with Dotcom Distribution, which Hermand-Waiche describes as a “strong” fulfillment and logistics technology partner.


“Dotcom’s ability to adjust to increasing order volumes enables Adore Me to continue its rapid growth and provide customers with product packaging that mirrors our dedication to beautiful, high-quality products,” Hermand-Waiche said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “Also, the team excels at rapidly counting, quality-checking and sorting inventory as it arrives in the warehouse, enabling us to make our fast fashion designs available to customers as quickly as possible.”

Package design and brand representation also help Adore Me ensure customers have a memorable experience, increasing likelihood that they’ll return to make another purchase in the near future. All orders are manually wrapped in colored tissue paper and sealed with a branded sticker, Hermand-Waiche explained. Then, packages are “carefully placed inside a black branded box along with a printed thank you note. The box is then wrapped in a cardboard sleeve to prevent crushing and all of it is put inside in a white envelope so as to not draw attention.”

Because Adore Me caters to “confident women who are value-minded and sensitive to the latest fashion trends,” the eTailer relies on Dotcom Distribution to keep product packaging physically appealing, yet on-brand, Hermand-Waiche noted. “Since Adore Me products are sold exclusively online, the packaging is usually the first physical impression customers have of our product.”

Stellar packaging, in addition to great deliver, is especially important to build long-term relationships with Adore Me subscribers. “Customers need to be excited about not only the product but the whole experience,” Hermand-Waiche said. Another key selling point for Adore Me is that all customers receive free shipping, returns and exchanges — whether they are monthly subscribers or make one-off purchases.

While brand image is important, inventory availability is key to keeping customers happy, Hermand-Waiche explained. If a customer wants to purchase a specific product, completes the transaction, and finds out it is out of stock, they will evidently have negative sentiment regarding the brand.

“Having a partner such as Dotcom Distribution is crucial for companies such as ours that receive inventory frequently and need to keep online product offering fresh and in-line with warehouse inventory,” Hermand-Waiche said. “This is key in maximizing customer engagement and loyalty.”



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