CRM Bot Automates Campaign Analysis Chores

Bot with laptopA CRM optimization bot employing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning has been introduced by Optimove. The Optibot is designed to automatically analyze marketing campaigns and recommend actionable insights. The new technology is being rolled out to all Optimove clients, including 1-800-Flowers, Zynga, BetAmerica, eBags, AdoreMe and LuckyVitamin.

Optibot, which is integrated into the Optimove platform, enables marketers to manage and automate multichannel customer marketing plans based on predictive micro-segmentation technology. The technology continuously scans a brand’s customer models and campaign calendar to discover insights hidden in the data. Recommendation types can include:

Drop underperforming actions: When one campaign action is clearly losing to others, Optibot will recommend dropping it and readjusting existing actions;


Focus your target group: In cases where only a sub-segment reacts well to a campaign, Optibot will recommend splitting the campaign and create another action for the underperforming segments;

Treat neglected customers: Optibot will point to the target groups or specific segments that are not getting the best treatment in the marketing plan; and

Uplift measurement: Optibot will ensure that all campaigns are scientifically measured for uplift by recommending the marketer add a control group, or enlarge its size, in order to measure the exact campaign impact.

“Marketers struggle with an overwhelming amount of data, making it harder than ever to leverage that data to actually move the needle in key customer metrics such as spend, engagement and loyalty,” said Optimove CEO Pini Yakuel in a statement. “We built Optibot to help marketers maximize the impact of their efforts faster and more easily.”

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