Central American Department Store Chain Boosts Inventory Accuracy with RFID

Siman Group, which operates 15 large department stores across Central America, has deployed an item-level RFID solution that has raised its inventory accuracy levels from the 65% to 70% range up to 95%.

Following a 2020 consultation period and pilot with solution provider SML in its El Salvador store, the retailer rolled out SML’s Inspire RFID tags and Clarity enterprise software chainwide. Siman can now perform weekly stock counts of more than 250,000 items per store, rather than previous counts that had been conducted twice a year. The solution also supports omnichannel offerings such as BOPIS by transforming how Siman tracks inventory across the chain.

“The impact of the item-level RFID technology has been immediate,” said Alejandro Choussy, Regional Logistics Manager at Siman in a statement. “Across our stores we had an inflated view of our inventory levels, often leading to frustrations for customers and staff when products weren’t available. These issues have been completely eradicated with SML’s expertise, and we now have inventory accuracy levels of 95% and still climbing, allowing for smoother operations not only in-store but throughout our supply chain.

Here’s a video showing the solution in action.


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