8 Questions Test Retailers’ Willingness To Personalize CX

As retailer marketers struggle to build and maintain high-value relationships with customers, churn, attrition, and high opt-out rates continue to be major challenges. It seems clear that Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) need to have a greater grasp of what it means to personalize shopper experiences effectively.

In an E-book, titled: 8 Questions to Determine if Your Company is Committed to Personalizing the Customer Experience, Ernan Roman, President of ERDM Corp., prepared eight questions that can help CMOs determine whether their company is truly committed to personalizing customer experiences. The findings listed in the E-book are based on more than 160 Voice of Customer (VoC) research studies conducted by ERDM.

The eight questions include:


  • What is your company’s true appetite for CX and loyalty transformation?;

  • Do your fellow execs have a deep understanding of why you are focusing on CX and loyalty?;

  • Do you have the right data, metrics and segments to measure CX impact and success?;

  • Does your staff have the right CX and loyalty skills, and do you have a customer advisory group?;

  • Do you have in place the necessary CX/loyalty/CRM technology to connect with customers?;

  • Do you have a dedicated budget for new research to drive innovative CX/loyalty strategies?;

  • Do the highest levels of management in your company support CX programs and staff?; and

  • Does your company have a cross-functional and integrated culture?

The E-book also includes CX-related action items advising CMOs how to respond to each question effectively, as well as tips and takeaways.

“This is the age of empowered consumers,” said Tony Spring, Chairman and CEO of Bloomingdales. “We need to connect with customers on their terms…Consumers demand personalization and privacy. It’s a push-and-pull thing. We must instill trust as we build our relationship with our customers.”

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