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Mobile Commerce And The Brick-And-Mortar Retailer


Brick-and-mortar retailers have reached a fork in the road.

Although developing an omnichannel strategy is becoming increasingly important, some organizations are struggling to determine which technologies are ideal for their unique business goals.

Are you ready to bring your brick-and-mortar experience to the next level?


Creating Personalized Customer Journeys


To create more compelling and relevant shopping experiences, best-in-class retailers are leveraging mobile, digital and interactive technologies.

In fact, 56% of retailers are working toward cross-channel personalization and 31% are striving to build one-to-one tactics.

This infographic, courtesy of STRATACACHE, outlines how retailers can leverage cutting-edge technology throughout the six stages of the customer journey. 


The Customer Journey Playbook

shadow STRAT SC001 EBK Playbook Dec 2014Today’s omnichannel shoppers are demanding more personalized offers, messages and interactions. Retailers now need to get personal with their customers — guiding them hand in (virtual) hand through each step of the purchasing process.


Retail Vs. E-Commerce Trends: A Match Made In Heaven


Brick-and-mortar and e-Commerce are constantly fighting for consumers’ attention and dollars. While 94% of all retail sales still take place in stores, e-Commerce sales are expected to increase annually by 17%, reaching $414 billion by 2018.

Which channel will win this sparring match?

This infographic, courtesy of Whisbi, spotlights trends in e-Commerce and brick-and-mortar, and how both channels can come together to create a seamless omnichannel experience.


The Retail Mobile Report Card: A 7-Question Quiz To See If Your Business Is Making The Grade

Salesforce-SnapApp-SHADOWIs your retail business keeping pace with the mobile revolution?

Consumers increasingly are using their smartphones and tablets to browse and buy. As mobile traffic and sales continue to rise, many retailers are asking: How can my brand reach and enable these shoppers?

Meeting the demands of savvy, mobile shoppers requires careful planning, and learning where your mobile strategy currently stands is an important step.


Keeping Up With A Competitive (Shelf) Edge: Digital Signs And Labels

shadow PER PS001 WP DigitalSigns Oct 2014 1Reshaping the in-store experience is one way that brick-and-mortar retailers can compete in a multi-channel marketplace. To truly make the brand stand out, many retailers are turning to digital shelf-edge signs and electronic shelf labels (ESLs).

Beyond the visual enhancements these technologies bring to the store, implementing digital signage and ESLs can help maximize merchandising efforts and enable faster task completion across all stores. How can your organization optimize its use of digital signage?


What Are The Greatest Challenges Facing Retailers In 2015?

shadow RTP RT044 GD 2015 Outlook Guide Dec 2014Is 2015 the year for mobile payment saturation? Are retailers really improving the customer experience? What can we expect from advanced personalization initiatives?

These and other questions are asked and answered in the Retail TouchPoints 2015 Outlook Guide. A total of 15 retail industry experts — including leading industry analysts, consultants and researchers — have shared their expertise and predictions for 2015 and beyond.


2014 Bond Holiday Study


The average budget for holiday shoppers this year is $770, according to research from Bond Brand Loyalty. Of these shoppers, 42% use loyalty points and 41% decide to shop with brands and retailers that allow them to earn points while crossing off their shopping lists.

More shoppers (53%) also are shopping more frequently in stores, versus online (29%) and via smartphones and tablets (7%).

This infographic, courtesy of Bond Brand Loyalty, outlines key findings from the company’s holiday research.


Tackling Omnichannel In The 2014 Holiday Season


Although many retailers are expecting online sales to rise, they must still focus on creating a seamless experience across all channels. After all, brick-and-mortar and mobile sales also are expected to rise between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

This infographic, courtesy of QuickPivot, outlines the personality traits of omnichannel consumers, and how retailers can get on their “nice lists.”


Preparing Your Customer Contact Data for Retail Peak Season

Informatica-WP-SHADOWEven though retailers carefully plan in order to optimize sales and campaigns months in advance, invalid contact data could be standing in the way of success.

Invalid contact data creates a number of problems for retailers, ranging from effectively emailing promotional offers to their customers to creating shipping difficulties that lead to lost or returned shipments. With Material Handling and Logistics reporting that nearly 30% of customers never shopping with a retailer again after a single shipping error, it is clear that contact data must be as clean as possible.

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