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Amazon Marketplace Sellers Leverage Private Label To Stand Out

As many as 50% of Amazon marketplace sellers offer private label products, with 17% selling private label only, as a way to differentiate their brand from other Amazon sellers. It's part of the survival strategy for these brands, many of which are SMBs: 50% generate less than $100,000 per year, and 25% are in the $100,000 to $500,000 range. Additionally, these sellers don't put all their eggs in Amazon's basket: nearly three in four (73%) also sell their wares on eBay, and 12% also sell offline. Find out more about who is selling what on Amazon in this infographic from…

Your Essential 2017 E-Commerce Calendar

All the important dates you need to kick off 2017 Essential e-Commerce dates, events, tips and topics  to get ahead in 2017. Download this calendar as a guide to keep your e-Commerce enterprise prepared for the first half of the year with:2017 with: Winter-proof digital marketing, customer feedback and fulfillment strategies; Springtime product data organization methods and campaign testing tips; and Summer-ready marketplace and search engine optimization tactics. Fill out the form to unlock your e-Commerce strategy calendar

The Consumer Trends Report — 2017 Edition

Multiple Channels. One Experience. Consumers don't look at online and in-store as different channels. As many as 94% of consumers are researching online before visiting a store. Download this white paper to unlock key trends to deliver the omnichannel initiatives customers crave, including: Consistent pricing across channels; Individualized buying experiences; Interactive content to influence purchase decisions; Personalized homepage recommendations; and Multiple fulfillment options. Fill out the form to ramp up your omnichannel customer experience

Color Choices Maximize Impact Of In-Store Displays

With digital channels continuously encroaching on brick-and-mortar sales, retailers need to maximize every in-store conversion opportunity. Point-of-purchase (POP) experts recommend matching signage and display colors to the appropriate product types and desired actions. Orange, for example, denotes aggressiveness and can be used to emphasize a "buy now!" message, while soothing purple is a good color choice for beauty and anti-aging products. Relaxing green encourages thoughts of wealth or of nature. For more tips on making in-store displays more effective, check out this infographic from shopPOPdisplays. [click to expand] Source: shopPOPdisplays

2016 Retail Analysis: Thanksgiving To Cyber Monday

Learn how leading retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy,, Target, Toys "R" Us and Walmart led the 2016 holiday season in online pricing and assortment. Download the white paper to unlock key online pricing and assortment results, including: Availability of the top 100 toys and electronics;Out-of-stock products during Black Friday and Cyber Monday;Pricing trends from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday;Retailers offering the lowest prices; andAmazon's average price trend compared to last year. Fill out the form to get vital 2016 Holiday Season stats

7 Critical Campaigns For E-Commerce Marketers In 2017

Learn how leading retailers such as Uncommon Goods, ThinkGeek and Club Monaco deliver customer-centric emails that foster loyalty, win back shoppers and boost revenue. Download this white paper to unlock 7 key campaigns that every e-Commerce marketer needs to implement in 2017, including: Welcome Series; Cart Abandonment; Browse Abandonment; Birthday; Loyal Customers; At-Risk Shoppers; and Win-back. Fill out the form to uncover 7 strategic email campaigns
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