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2016 Pricing Regroup: To Hike Or Not To Hike

Retailers might be forgiven for being just a tad schizophrenic when it comes to the topic of pricing. On one hand, they know that competitive price intelligence and price optimization are “business basics” in today’s retail environment. Consumers can compare products and prices virtually anywhere via their mobile devices, and because Amazon can shift prices multiple times per day, advanced pricing tools are a must-have for all other retailers.


10 Tips For A Sweet (And Successful) Valentine's Day

Ah, Valentine's Day, time to make (or renew) a love connection. But for unromantic retailers, the connection they're seeking is with shoppers' wallets. In this infographic, Brightpearl has collected 10 tips showing creative ways to combine romance with revenue generation, via social media, email marketing, and something so old it's new: handwritten notes to your best customers. Isn't it romantic?


Unbox Retail With An Open, Modular Platform

Retailers need to deliver end-to-end omnichannel experiences, but continue to be boxed in by legacy architecture that places roadblocks in the way of adding the required functionality. Unbox Retail With An Open, Modular Platform will help you remove these roadblocks by tapping into four best practices.


4 Best Practices Create Connected Omnichannel Experiences

When we hear the term "omnichannel," most of us think about customer-facing elements like pricing and inventory data transparency. But optimizing internal systems is as important (if not more) in retailers' ability to create and support truly omnichannel experiences for shoppers.

This infographic from iQmetrix identifies four basic but powerful best practices that enterprises can adopt, in order to connect with consumers via any and all channels they choose.

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