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Building A Better Workforce

shadow GIG GW001 WP Mobile Apr 2015Are you struggling to create an agile and efficient workforce? Well, you are in luck. Mobile technologies place the retail and consumer goods workforce at the dawn of a new era of productivity. This positive disruption creates a more agile and efficient workforce that can more easily connect with headquarters.

These connections can provide retailers and consumer brands with opportunities to improve employee engagement and increase efficiencies in worker task management. They also can help ensure promotion compliance and instantly provide insight into potential problems.

Brands including Red Bull and Whirlpool already see benefits from using a mobile-enabled workforce. Find out how you can too.

Fill out the form below to download the white paper, titled: Building A Better Workforce, and learn how mobile provides quick insights and opportunities for immediate action.




Digitally Empowered Brand Mavens Exert Purchasing Power

Shadow CASH CS001 SURV Brand Maven Mar 2015The future of retail may lie in the power of a shopper group called Brand Mavens: digitally engaged, brand-loyal consumers who are looking for the ability to use one source for completing payments, accessing loyalty points and redeeming coupons and promotional offers.

Brand Mavens — the ultimate brand advocates — currently comprise approximately 53% of the buying population in the U.S., according to a recent consumer survey conducted by Retail TouchPoints and CashStar, in conjunction with the Texas A&M Center For Retailing Studies.


Comparison Shopping

Consumers are using a variety of sources to compare products and prices. Currently, search is the most popular, with 82% of consumers using Google and other engines to browse product information while in stores.

But as consumers compare prices and products, what services are they using overall? And what types of products are they searching for?

This infographic, courtesy of Nextopia, uncovers the latest comparison shopping trends.  


Customer Delight

Although shoppers have access to a variety of brands and retailers, they are more loyal to the businesses that connect with them consistently and in a meaningful way. They also feel more connected to the brands that surprise and delight them.

The below infographic, courtesy of Strativity, outlines key takeaways from a recent CX Pulse survey. Results focus on the sentiments and experiences of loyal customers.

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