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Building Omni-Channel Retail From The Back-End Up

Nov12When your customers come knocking, will you be able to provide the products and services they demand in the time frame they require? To successfully make the move from multi-channel to omni-channel, retailers must fine-tune back-end systems in order to delight shoppers during the entire shopping journey.

In this hands-on webinar you’ll get a sneak peek into the latest industry data from Greg Buzek of IHL Services, who will share insights into where retailers are focusing key budget investments and why. While security is a primary focus for merchants, an average of 50% are planning to increase commitments to Order Management, eCommerce/Mobile Commerce, Core POS and Mobile POS in 2015.


Multichannel Marketing: Connecting With Customers Across Channels

Informatica-WP1-SHADOWUp to 68% of e-Commerce managers say they need a vision for a consistent cross-channel experience, but only 29% feel that they have the ability to accomplish this goal, according to Forrester Research.

Success requires high quality data and an effective multichannel marketing strategy designed to capture valuable data at all customer touch points.


Progressive Retailers Differentiate With Content Marketing

shadow RTP RT034 SR ContentandCommerce Oct 2014 1With more competition throughout the industry than ever before, retailers are identifying new opportunities to stand out from the crowd by turning to content marketing.

While content marketing is a practice that has primarily been used in the B2B space, merchants now see the e-Commerce site, social media and branded publications as outlets to provide consumers with compelling information that may lead to a purchase.


Earning Your Wings: How Online Merchants Can Take Off With Twitter


Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can use Twitter to build brand awareness, boost engagement and in turn, see a significant increase in the bottom line.

Up to 60% of consumers have purchased from an SMB because of Twitter, according to proprietary research from the social network. Even more (73%) consumers said they feel better about an SMB after following and reading their tweets.

This infographic, courtesy of Bigcommerce, outlines the benefits SMBs can reap from using Twitter.


New Retail Roles Focus On Innovation, Transformation

Shadow RTP RT033 SURV ChangingRoles FinalNew retail roles are popping up across industry segments, designed to help organization improve the customer relationship through a focus on transformation, innovation and omnichannel.

The most-tapped new retail title is Chief Customer Officer, chosen by 14% of retailers responding to a recent survey conducted by Retail TouchPoints. The Changing Roles In Retail survey also found that an equal number of retail organizations (11%) are implementing titles featuring the terms Strategy, Transformation and Innovation.


The State Of Payments

The past year has seen a rise in credit spending and significant advances in mobile wallet technology. The worldwide leader in mobile payment adoption: Kenya, where more than 80% of the population pays for goods and services with their smartphone.

This infographic, courtesy of Merchant Warehouse, provides an overview of worldwide payments in 2014, with a glimpse into the upcoming winter shopping season.


Navigating E-Commerce Channels


The vast majority (90%) of retailers currently are selling on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, according to research from ChannelAdvisor. Although 15% of retailers are selling on emerging marketplaces such as Best Buy, Newegg and Sears, Amazon still remains dominant in the world of marketplaces.

This infographic, courtesy of ChannelAdvisor, outlines key findings from a survey of more than 200 U.S. and UK retailers.


Understand In-Store Shopper Behavior With Precise Location Analytics

10-22 webinar calendar icon all-brandsTaking a strategic approach to location performance measurement can reap big rewards by boosting sales and increasing customer satisfaction. Retailers must strive to understand shopper behavior in each department, including when they visit, how long they stay and what they do after visiting specific locations, information vital to defining and quantifying the desired customer experience. This data can help to determine performance at the departmental, brand or end-cap level – affecting customer experience and retail success.


What's Important To Retailers In The Omni-Channel Age

Shadow Epicor EP001 SURV Retail FinalAs many as 72% of retailers agree that is it important that store employees possess the same or better technology and information as consumers (ranking 8,9 or 10 out of 10). To meet the challenge of this imperative, retail organizations must invest in the technology solutions that will help deliver real-time information to associates while they are interacting with customers.


Calculating The Value Of Lifecycle Price Optimization

ibm-rsr on24 report ebookRetailers and manufacturers used to be able to determine what products to sell, where to sell them and for what price, but technology-enabled shopping options for consumers changed the game. Shoppers now have the tools to make informed purchasing decisions at the best price and in the way that best suits their needs.


Rewire Old Marketing For New Revenue

rtp-cal-10-30Word-of-mouth has been around for a long time, but referral marketing isn’t like any traditional word-of-mouth strategy you’ve ever seen. This new acquisition channel delivers highly relevant and timely messages to existing and potential new customers using targeted campaigns, data analysis, and personalized strategies. It gives marketers the control to deliberately initiate, analyze, and optimize programs.


Leveraging VoC Into Advanced Customer Experience Management

shadow RTP RT032 FEAT Advocacy Sept 2014As many individuals, businesses and organizations have discovered, the Voice of the Customer (VoC) is coming through loud and clear today. Consumers have never had more platforms, or handier tools, for amplifying their delight — or their disgust — with products, services, campaigns and causes.

It’s essential that retailers tune in to these multiple “broadcasts.” Even more important is tying what they learn to specific actions, letting shoppers know that they are indeed being heard and heeded. The rewards from well-executed Social Customer Experience Management (CEM) are larger measures of loyalty from customers than ever before.


Keep Your Holiday Profits; Avoid The Chargeback Grinch


Although the holiday season provides retailers with their highest revenue streams of the year, the period immediately after can be marred by chargeback fees. These fees spike as much as 50% in the wake of the holidays and have been known to rob retailers of substantial revenue gains, further impacting the bottom line.


The Retailer’s Guide To Remarketing


Global e-Commerce sales will experience a growth rate of more than 10% over the next three years, according to eMarketer.

However, as online sales rise, so does the likelihood of cart abandonment. In fact, the retail industry has an average cart abandonment of 70%.

This infographic, courtesy of SaleCycle, provides an overview of remarketing tactics that will engage consumers and boost overall sales.


5 Ways Mobile Apps Are Driving The Store Of The Future

Shadow MIST MS001 WP MobileApps Final

Do you want to know how retailers like Whole Foods, The Container Store and Gucci are leveraging mobile apps to improve customer loyalty? Find out by downloading this white paper.

On average shoppers are looking at their phones more than 150 times a day.

With that knowledge in hand, leading retailers are leveraging mobile technology to enhance customer experience, drive sales, boost customer loyalty and achieve operational efficiencies.


Omnichannel Leaders Reaffirm The Value Of RFID

shadow RTP RT037 FEAT InventoryPt.2 Zebra Sept 2014Best-in-class retailers are generating long-term loyalty by providing shoppers with a variety of options to order and pick up products, or have items delivered to them. Whether retailers decide to implement buy online/pick up in-store, buy online/ return to store, buy in-store/ship to home or other strategies, it is imperative that they establish a 360-degree view of inventory availability.


Investigating The Next Generation Of Store Operations


More than half (53%) of retailers today are arming store associates with tablets and smartphones to look up product information (60%), access inventory levels (50%) and more, according to the Retail TouchPoints Store Operations Survey.

The below infographic uncovers key findings from the survey report, which outlines trends regarding employee training and engagement, omnichannel order fulfillment, and pricing and promotions strategies.


The Little Black Book Of Fashion Remarketing

 Shadow little-black-book-fashion1With more consumers shopping online, retailers across the globe are building and expanding their e-Commerce offerings. Fashion retailers are outpacing their industry peers and are excelling at providing personalized experiences and using remarketing tactics to re-engage their online consumer base.

In fact, fashion has become the fastest growing sector in e-Commerce, and is estimated to reach $73 billion in U.S. sales by 2016.

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