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Mobile Helps Strengthen Associate-To-Consumer Engagement

shadow RTP RT041 SR Mobile Nov 2014Consumers are becoming more connected to their mobile devices. They rely on their smartphones and tablets to accomplish day-to-day tasks and instantly engage with friends, family and even their favorite brands and retailers.

Most (79%) adult smartphone owners have their devices with them 22 hours a day, according to IDC Research. Additionally, 80% of adult consumers said they check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up every morning. 


Holiday Shopping: The Multi-Screen Path To Purchase


More than two thirds (68%) of consumers plan to do most of their holiday shopping online this year, according to a recent survey from YuMe. Nearly half (48%) of these respondents also said they plan to spend more on gifts than they did last year.

This infographic, courtesy of YuMe, outlines other key findings from the report, including how consumers will be using multiple screens to browse and buy during the holiday season.


The Digital First Generation

RTP-NL-IG-11-11-2014 2

Most consumers in the U.S. check their phones within the first 15 minutes of waking up. Three quarters of these consumers even admitted to bringing their phones into the bathroom.

This infographic, courtesy of LivePerson, spotlights the habits of “digital-first” consumers who rely on their mobile phones to communicate, shop, listen to music, watch TV and more.


International Growth Opportunities Bring Supply Chain Operations Into Focus

shadow RTP RT040 SR Supply Chain DESIGN Nov 2014The U.S. e-Commerce market is growing significantly, reaching up to $294 billion by the end of 2014, or 9% of all retail sales nationwide, according to Forrester Research. But global projections are even more compelling: eMarketer recently reported that the international B2C e-Commerce market will reach up to $1.5 trillion this year, and $2.4 trillion by 2017. 


The Profile Of A Cyber Criminal


Up to 65% of all global Internet users have been victims of cybercrime, and major retailers, including Target and Neiman Marcus also have been impacted.

Retailers and consumers alike can combat cyber criminals by understanding their characteristics and how they operate. For example, 76% of cyber criminals are male, and 43% are 35 years and older.

This infographic, courtesy of Jumio, reveals other characteristics of cyber criminals.


Are You Where Your Customers Are?


The retail game is changing. Several driving forces, such as increased digital competition and changing customer behaviors and expectations, are leading retailers to take a new look at how they approach business and technology.

As e-Commerce moves from web sites to mobile devices, many retailers see apps as a new channel for conversation with customers and partners. Are you embracing mobile apps to drive innovative digital experiences that build loyalty and keep customers coming back?


Fast, Efficient Fulfillment: A Powerful Weapon For Battling Amazon

Shadow JUNC JS010 EBOOK Fulfillment FinalRetailers know that it is difficult to beat Amazon’s pricing due to its assortment and sourcing resources. There is, however, one area where omnichannel retailers could have an advantage: Order fulfillment.

Many of today’s omnichannel retailers have brick-and-mortar stores closer to their customers than Amazon’s distribution centers. These merchants can offer faster, more customer-focused delivery options, such store pickup or same day delivery, which would be difficult for Amazon to match.

It’s time to take advantage of this competitive edge.


The Future of Retail is Coming...Are Retailers Ready?

MozuWPNew technologies, such as beacons, geofencing and mobile payments, can help retailers deliver better customer experiences. But financial restraints, implementation challenges, limited toolsets and poor employee training can create barriers that prevent many retailers from implementing new technologies. Learn how to embrace the future of retail in this E-book.


The Omnichannel Challenge: Strategies That Work

Shadow RTP RT034 SURV Omnichannel FinalWhether they call it “omnichannel” or something else, most retail executives agree that delivering a consistent brand experience across all channels is a vital component of go-forward retail strategies. In fact, close to 95% of retailers define their retail strategy as “omnichannel,” up from 88% last year.

For our third annual omnichannel survey, titled: The Omnichannel Challenge: Strategies That Work, we received responses from 124 retailers and wholesalers who shared insights on their progress as well as challenges they are working to overcome in the omnichannel era.


The Definitive E-Commerce Report


E-Commerce sales worldwide are expected to reach $2.35 trillion by 2017, showing promise for retailers that are either online only, or have a multichannel business.

However, mobile commerce is expected to grow even more over the next few years and is expected to reach $114.50 billion by 2017, a 172% increase from 2013.

The below infographic, courtesy of Appeagle, outlines e-Commerce trends and projections. 


Multichannel Marketing: Connecting With Customers Across Channels

Informatica-WP1-SHADOWUp to 68% of e-Commerce managers say they need a vision for a consistent cross-channel experience, but only 29% feel that they have the ability to accomplish this goal, according to Forrester Research.

Success requires high quality data and an effective multichannel marketing strategy designed to capture valuable data at all customer touch points.


Progressive Retailers Differentiate With Content Marketing

shadow RTP RT034 SR ContentandCommerce Oct 2014 1With more competition throughout the industry than ever before, retailers are identifying new opportunities to stand out from the crowd by turning to content marketing.

While content marketing is a practice that has primarily been used in the B2B space, merchants now see the e-Commerce site, social media and branded publications as outlets to provide consumers with compelling information that may lead to a purchase.


Earning Your Wings: How Online Merchants Can Take Off With Twitter


Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can use Twitter to build brand awareness, boost engagement and in turn, see a significant increase in the bottom line.

Up to 60% of consumers have purchased from an SMB because of Twitter, according to proprietary research from the social network. Even more (73%) consumers said they feel better about an SMB after following and reading their tweets.

This infographic, courtesy of Bigcommerce, outlines the benefits SMBs can reap from using Twitter.


New Retail Roles Focus On Innovation, Transformation

Shadow RTP RT033 SURV ChangingRoles FinalNew retail roles are popping up across industry segments, designed to help organization improve the customer relationship through a focus on transformation, innovation and omnichannel.

The most-tapped new retail title is Chief Customer Officer, chosen by 14% of retailers responding to a recent survey conducted by Retail TouchPoints. The Changing Roles In Retail survey also found that an equal number of retail organizations (11%) are implementing titles featuring the terms Strategy, Transformation and Innovation.


The State Of Payments

The past year has seen a rise in credit spending and significant advances in mobile wallet technology. The worldwide leader in mobile payment adoption: Kenya, where more than 80% of the population pays for goods and services with their smartphone.

This infographic, courtesy of Merchant Warehouse, provides an overview of worldwide payments in 2014, with a glimpse into the upcoming winter shopping season.


Navigating E-Commerce Channels


The vast majority (90%) of retailers currently are selling on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, according to research from ChannelAdvisor. Although 15% of retailers are selling on emerging marketplaces such as Best Buy, Newegg and Sears, Amazon still remains dominant in the world of marketplaces.

This infographic, courtesy of ChannelAdvisor, outlines key findings from a survey of more than 200 U.S. and UK retailers.


What's Important To Retailers In The Omni-Channel Age

Shadow Epicor EP001 SURV Retail FinalAs many as 72% of retailers agree that is it important that store employees possess the same or better technology and information as consumers (ranking 8,9 or 10 out of 10). To meet the challenge of this imperative, retail organizations must invest in the technology solutions that will help deliver real-time information to associates while they are interacting with customers.

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