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Transforming Retail Collaboration Across Organizational Boundaries With Google For Work

Since moving to Google, Travis Perkins has experienced significant improvement in its agility, collaboration, and efficiency as an organization. The real benefit has been a renewed sense of entrepreneurship and innovation adopted by employees as they continue to discover new ways to improve their day-to-day operations using Google tools, including:

  • Streamlining the stock transfer process by leveraging Google Forms and Sheets
  • Storing and managing reports containing key KPIs in a central folder on Drive
  • Collecting and storing pricing information using Sheets
  • Tracking specific relationships and sales opportunities and functions as a CRMS in Sales Management System (SMS)

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The New Rules And Tools Of Social Commerce

Social media has become a must-have for retailers of all sizes and categories. The impact of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and now even Snapchat is hard to deny: up to 70% of consumers discover products and brands using social media and other digital channels, according to Deloitte research. Conversely, only 30% get their initial inspiration from a branded advertisement.


3 Key Features For Mobile App Success

Everyone knows there's money in mobile: holiday 2015 m-Commerce sales hit $12.65 billion, a 58% increase over 2014. So how do retailers get a juicy slice of this expanding pie? According to this infographic from Apteligent, the features to focus on are:

  • Ability to easily edit mobile shopping carts;
  • Crisp, fast app behavior; and
  • Easy ability to switch views between shopping and carts.

Other advice? Make sure your Baby Boomer customers get top-notch mobile service. While Millennial and GenX shoppers experiencing poor mobile app performance will simply move on, Boomers are more likely to go the extra mile and write a poor review.


Predicts 2016: Excellent Customer Experiences Hinge on Continuous Digital Experiences

Delivering a great customer experience increasingly hinges on digital transformation; it's all about the value and integrated experience the technology brings to users — not just a pretty app. Predicts 2016: Excellent Customer Experiences Hinge On Continuous Digital Experiences highlights key assessments, market implications, recommendations and strategic planning assumptions, including:

  • Poor customer experiences will destroy 30% of digital business projects.
  • More than 40 devices and things per household will talk to one another, creating continuous digital experiences.
  • Apps will always be listening for commands on 100 million wearable devices.
  • 30% of mobile apps will disappear and be replaced by a continuous experience of flow between app functionality and content.
  • Biometrics will deliver a personalized experience for household members based on their preferences and habits.

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The High Cost Of Retail: Debunking Six Common Omnichannel Myths

Omnichannel fulfillment is a huge undertaking. Whether you have just started, or you are far down the road, you have likely been confronted with many mistruths surrounding  omnichannel implementation, application and ROI. This e-Book will unravel the most common myths surrounding omnichannel retailing and help you understand how to:

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