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4 Best Practices Create Connected Omnichannel Experiences

When we hear the term "omnichannel," most of us think about customer-facing elements like pricing and inventory data transparency. But optimizing internal systems is as important (if not more) in retailers' ability to create and support truly omnichannel experiences for shoppers.

This infographic from iQmetrix identifies four basic but powerful best practices that enterprises can adopt, in order to connect with consumers via any and all channels they choose.


New Blueprints For Brick-And-Mortar Success

Physical stores are still vital to the shopping experience — 85% of consumers still prefer to shop in them — but to stay relevant they will need to keep up with fast-changing times. This infographic from Zendesk and Retail TouchPoints highlights how subscription models, pop-ups, stores-within-stores and unique in-person experiences are becoming key parts of brick-and-mortar's blueprint for 21st-century success


How To Get The Most Out Of Going Physical

Even in the age of e-Commerce nothing beats the in-store experience, but making the jump from online to the real world can be a tremendous risk. This e-Book uncovers valuable lessons learned from those who made the jump into these waters and swam successfully!


Visit The Store Of The Future: No Time Machine Required

Want to have a look at the future of retailing? It's already here. Technologies such as 3D printing, interactive digital displays, biometrics and beacons are giving brick-and-mortar retailing a Tomorrowland vibe — and providing real-world benefits to boot. For example, beacons influenced an impressive $4 billion in retail sales in 2015, and that number is projected to increase tenfold this year. Deploying digital signage can increase sales volumes by more than 30%.

Learn how seven cutting-edge technologies are creating the store of the future today in this infographic from SAP and Retail TouchPoints.

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