Crossing Borders and Breaking Down Retail Barriers: 4 Steps to Successful Ecommerce Expansion


The global cross-border ecommerce market is projected to reach $16.5 trillion by 2032, a compound annual growth rate of 21.6%, according to eMarketer research.

To capitalize on this immense growth opportunity, brands and retailers need to take a strategic, data-driven approach to cross-border commerce.

"We live in a society where uncovering and discovering brands is second nature; you're scrolling through your favorite social media app and brands have the innate ability to reach a multitude of customers. This eagerness to discover global brands is inherent across a multitude of geographical regions. It's about going through and seizing that opportunity.”

Download this Special Report to learn:

      • How to develop a data-driven strategy to understand consumers’ needs and preferences in different markets and validate your approach;

      • The intricacies of navigating legal and regulatory requirements of international markets, including product restrictions and tax rules; and

      • Ways to finetune and personalize ecommerce experiences to align with the cultural preferences and expectations of customers in different markets.

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