Data Breaches Cost 40% Less for Companies with AI-Enabled Cybersecurity

AI has been going through a major growth spurt in recent years, and cybersecurity is no exception. The technology is creating some significant downsides: 85% of security experts blame AI for increased cyberattacks, 39% expressed concern about privacy issues and 37% worry about undetectable phishing attacks.

On the plus side, enabling cybersecurity with AI can significantly reduce the monetary damage from a data breach. Without AI-enabled cybersecurity, the average cost of such a breach to a company was $4.45 million in 2023, 40% higher than the $2.65 million cost for those with AI-enabled protection. Another benefit: AI helped identify breaches more quickly, in 177 days versus 277 for those not using AI.

Find out more about AI’s impact on cybersecurity in this infographic from Techopedia.

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