The Price Must Be Right For U.S. Women Shoppers

Pricing is still a top-of-mind concern for the modern American female shopper: price is easily the most important factor impacting shopping behavior among this demographic, according to Blackhawk Engagement Solutions.

This sentiment doesn’t appear to be waning, as nearly all (97%) of these women have the same or greater sensitivity to price this year that they had in 2015.

While 75% of U.S. women shoppers say price is the most important factor throughout the shopping experience, other influences include:


  • Product and service quality (55%);

  • Brand (31%);

  • Store (26%); and

  • Availability (14%).

The survey, titled: How Women Shop: The Shopping Habits of American Women, reveals trends of shopper behavior as well as app and gift card preferences of more than 2,600 American women.

Women shoppers take multiple opportunities to shop online. The survey reveals that 44% shop most often between 4 pm and 9 pm, while 33% do the bulk of their shopping from 11 am to 4 pm. As many as 61% of these respondents say they have shopped while watching TV or streaming shows, while 35% have made a purchase at work.

Amazon (71%) had the highest usage of any mobile app, well ahead of grocery store apps (28%), Groupon (26%), Walmart (26%) and Target (25%).

Social media continues to be a huge factor in the shopping experience as well; 90% of respondents want to receive special offers from brands they follow on social media. More than half (55%) of these shoppers actually follow brands specifically for the values and savings they advertise on social networks, while 48% have used promotional offers received via social media.

With that in mind, female shoppers still get most of their shopping news — from new products to special sales — from TV (45%). Social media comes in second (42%), with friends and family (38%) and retail web sites (37%) also serving as additional shopping news sources.

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