PowerReviews Integrates Facebook’s “Like” Button to Social Commerce Suite

recently announced the turnkey integration of the Facebook “Like” button with its social commerce suite. The integration is designed to allow partners to quickly start reaping the benefits of richer, deeper customer engagement through increased customer interactivity with their products, services and brands.

PowerReviews retail partners have been quick to adopt this innovative social tool, with participants including REI and Evo. REI, who’s been live with the integration for just about a week, already has products receiving over 100 likes, which you can tell by viewing a product page.

REI finds the “Like” button helps the company better interact with its customers on Facebook. “We believe these social connections will help enhance our relevance, trust and loyalty among consumers as they utilize their personal networks, including opinions that guide their purchase decisions,” said Brad Brown, VP of E-Commerce and Direct Sales, REI.


“With so many Facebook users having upwards of 100 friends (revealed by our recent Social Shopping Study), the potential for a single endorsement to reach many new customers is significant,” said Pehr Leudtke, CEO, PowerReviews.  “The truly interesting measurement for retailers to monitor will be the increase in Facebook referral traffic after implementing the ‘Like’ button on their product pages.

Leudtke said the “Like” button is dramatically changing the way that fans interact with and influence their network of friends.  “While Facebook Connect and sharing functionality is not new, the ‘Like’ button makes it easier than ever to share product recommendations without ever having to leave the product page or go through a time-consuming login process.  This is a win for both brands and customers because it’s not disruptive to the shopping process and removes unnecessary steps for customers interested in sharing recommended products with their Facebook network.”

The 2010 Social Shopping Survey, conducted by the e-tailing Group and PowerReviews, found that friends on social web sites including Facebook and “People Like Me” (people that users may not know but may share similar personalities/interests with) were the top two online voices having the greatest influence on purchasing decisions. 

The company’s innovative tag-based approach to collecting, organizing, structuring and analyzing user-generated content is designed to boost product sales and customer engagement.

“Social plug-ins put customers and relationships at the center of the web, while providing a look into aggregate trends on consumer preferences, so retailers can in turn offer improved products,” said Pehr Luedtke, CEO of PowerReviews. “The Like button – which enables people to share feedback with their Facebook friends – now complements the ‘People Like Me’ functionality that comes from PowerReviews’ affinity tags. This powerful one-two punch creates more relevant and helpful customer experiences.”

Leudtke calls the ‘Like’ button a game-changer because it’s the first step towards a shopping experience where “open commerce” is the standard. “Facebook’s Open Graph is paving the way towards a shopping experience that is fully integrated across all shopping platforms — online and off,” he said.  “Shoppers are going to be presented with a more relevant experience wherever they shop, based on the data collected from their preferences across the open graph.  Knowing that a world where open commerce is the norm is fast approaching, the ‘Like’ button integration is just one example of how our product roadmap enables our clients to stay at the forefront of social commerce as new technologies continue to emerge.”

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