How REN Clean Skincare Reimagined Loyalty by Making Shoppers Part of its Sustainability Journey

Loyalty has grown in importance alongside customer retention, with a strong loyalty program and company values both remaining important parts of building out a long-term relationship with customers. REN Clean Skincare is combining both aspects by tying its sustainability efforts to its loyalty program, giving the retailer’s most loyal shoppers options to spend their points for the good of the world as well as on themselves.

The results have been impressive — loyalty program members have a 104% larger average order value (AOV) and spend 271% more than regular customers. The program, which was built in partnership with LoyaltyLion, has used its connection with the brand’s most avid shoppers to determine what they want to see.

“We have a really strong, loyal customer base that is very aligned with the brand ethos and what we stand for — and we also have a fantastic product,” said AJ Patel, Global Head of Ecommerce at REN Clean Skincare in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “We’ve built out a lot more flows and engagement touch points with the consumer using that data and understanding of customer behavior, which has ultimately increased engagement.”

The brand was founded on the mission of delivering clean, sustainable skincare products and its customers share those values — 64% of U.S. shoppers list shared values as the biggest factor behind brand loyalty.


But REN Skincare has set its environmental sights on a goal above and beyond where most retailers aim.“I would say that we’re starting to shift our mindset,” said Patel. “Zero waste is not enough. We have to think of ways that we can actually bring more to the world and the environment versus taking it away. So the eventual goal for us as a brand and as a business is to be net positive.”

Now, loyalty program members are invited along for the ride. REN Skincare is collaborating with multiple partners to let its shoppers spend perk points on sustainability focused actions, such as planting trees or picking up ocean plastic. “It’s really not just thinking about how the consumer can benefit from it, but also how the wider population can tie into that benefit,” said Patel.

Sustainability focused loyalty perks are a natural fit for how REN Clean Skincare is expanding on its commitment to sustainability. Other new innovations, like an ingredient glossary that showcases where and how all of the retailer’s ingredients are sourced, also fit into this commitment because “being transparent with the consumer is important to where we’re going,” said Patel.

Traditional Loyalty Offerings Remain the Foundation

More traditional benefits are the backbone of any strong loyalty program, and this remains true for REN Clean Skincare. The retailer is constantly innovating and evolving the benefits customers receive for shopping with the brand, with some of the available and upcoming options including:

  • Free standard shipping for higher-tier members, with plans to offer overnight shipping for top clients;
  • VIP access to sales;
  • Welcome gifts as shoppers move up to higher tiers; and
  • Special in-person events with REN Clean Skincare ambassadors and influencer partners, which will grow more common as the pandemic wanes.

REN Clean Skincare has been working with LoyaltyLion to build out its loyalty program integrations, which can help the brand reach shoppers at different touch points. This groundwork, combined with some of the less traditional rewards offerings, has helped the brand reach shoppers in a way that speaks to them both in terms of helping the world and treating themselves.

“It’s extremely encouraging to see a brand such as REN Clean Skincare recognizing the importance of customer retention,” said Fiona Stevens, Head of Marketing at LoyaltyLion in commentary sent to Retail TouchPoints. “Ecommerce has entered a challenging time as the opt-out era collides with the cost-of-living crisis, and brands that have already shifted their focus from acquiring new customers to maximizing the loyalty of their existing customers are uniquely positioned to sustain the growth patterns of the past two years.”

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