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Retailers can greatly benefit from learning about their peers’ success stores. In this section, Retail TouchPoints offers case study articles featuring exclusive interviews with retail executives and their solution provider partners. These in-depth looks into retailer implementations include statistics, metrics and ROI use cases, in addition to quotes from the executives leading the charge.

Exclusive Q&A: How Alex And Ani Elevates Personalization To The Gift-Giving Level

Personalization is a complex but necessary task, which can become even more complicated when the holiday season rolls around and gift-giving gets into high gear. Alex and Ani, a brand built on the premise of customization, is tapping the benefits of personalization to help consumers choose the best gifts for their friends and family. In an exclusive interview with Retail TouchPoints, Katherine Bahamonde Monasebian, Head of Marketing and E-Commerce at Alex and Ani details why: Introduces Private Label Financing: Sees Ticket Sizes Triple In First Week

When introduced a private label financing program in November 2017, the retailer sought to entice its shoppers to spend more with a set of new credit card payment options. The new choices impressed shoppers: in the program’s first week, saw ticket sizes triple versus purchases made with typical credit card payments. Additionally, by offering customers what’s essentially an open line of credit, the online home improvement retailer is anticipating longer-term benefits: increased repeat purchases.

ASICS Speeds Up E-Commerce Operations With API-Led Product Management

When ASICS, an athletic apparel retailer best known for its footwear, launched a GlobalDigital division in October 2016, the brand wanted to focus on developing innovative digital technologies that helped it better connect with consumers. But with various international subsidiaries, including ASICS Tiger and outdoor retailer Haglöfs, each with different product management and order management systems, the retailer simply had too many point-to-point connections that were slowing down e-Commerce operations. In April 2017, the retailer selected the Anypoint Platform, an API management and integration solution from MuleSoft, to open up communication between the disparate systems and enhance customer experiences across its subsidiaries. In just four weeks, the Anypoint Platform enabled ASICS to drive the transition of ASICS Europe B.V. and other divisions to a new e-Commerce platform built on Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The company then rolled out Salesforce Commerce Cloud across its Runkeeper and Haglöfs brands in a subsequent project.

Exclusive CDO Q&A: The 24/7 Innovation Culture At 7-Eleven

While “innovation” may not the first word that comes to mind when you think about a convenience store, it’s always top of mind at 7-Eleven. In fact, Chief Digital Officer Gurmeet Singh believes that a retailer with the size and scope of 7-Eleven needs to be at the forefront of innovation, particularly when it comes to the customer experience. The C-store behemoth serves a lot of customers: 55 million per day at its 63,000 stores around the world, totaling 20 billion transactions per year. In this exclusive interview with Retail TouchPoints, Singh, the company’s first Chief Digital Officer who also recently added Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer to his title, provides insights into the company’s culture of innovation, including:

3 Key Strategies That Drive Success At Exclusive CMO Q&A

In this exclusive Q&A, Amit Shah, CMO of, details the three initiatives that are helping to grow the 41-year-old brand. He also talks about getting “bolder” with email personalization and the steps to competing with Amazon. Today, 1-800-FLOWERS, Inc. owns a number of different gifting brands, including:,, Harry & David,, The Popcorn Factory, Cheryl’s Cookies, Wolferman’s, Moose Munch and Simply Chocolate.

Hestra Boosts Glove Re-Orders 15%, Pre-Season Sales 20%

A global B2B wholesaler selling outdoor recreational gloves in 1,200 U.S. retail (a total of 5,500 globally in 26 countries), Hestra provides 24/7 access to its catalogs and ordering system to enable sales reps to help their retailer buyers to place orders at their convenience, during and after business hours. With the help of a new inventory management platform from NuORDER, Hestra was able to achieve significant results in six months: A 20% increase in pre-season B2B sales; A 15% increase in re-orders; and A 30% to 40% increase in the number of SKUs ordered, amounting to more than $3.4 million in additional revenue.

Allume Matches Shoppers With Stylists And Curated Apparel Choices

Online shopping can certainly have its drawbacks, especially when it comes to finding the right outfit. With the multiplicity of brands, styles and sites available to women shoppers often seen as overwhelming, Mauria Finley decided to start her own company and fill a need in the fashion marketplace. Finley launched Allume in October 2017 as an on-demand personal shopping service — a personalized, one-on-one experience that uses data to match women with expert stylists who have similar tastes in apparel and fashion. Allume launched with the aid of a $3 million seed funding round from early stage investment firm True Ventures.

Golf Club ‘Trade-In’ Program Lifts Conversions 30% At TaylorMade

Ideally, golfers would always like to play with the newest clubs available, since technology and design innovations can provide that little bit of extra “oomph” that improves a golfer’s game. By implementing a subscription-based upgrade program that helps customers finance their purchases of new clubs, TaylorMade Golf boosted conversion rates 30% over a six-month period and increased average order value (AOV) by 5%. The program, named “The Turn,” after the turn for home that occurs after the ninth hole, gives TaylorMade customers an 18- to 30-month financing option for drivers and irons. After 12 months, golfers can trade in their driver for a newer model; payments on the old club stop and those on the new club begin. For irons, which typically have a longer lifecycle, the trade-in option kicks in after 24 months.

BirchboxMan $10 Subscription Box Seeks To Capture Fast-Converting Male Audience

Birchbox is known primarily for its cosmetics and beauty products targeted toward women, but the subscription box retailer has made strides to bring its lesser-known offering, BirchboxMan, to a larger audience. In August, the retailer launched a $10 subscription box for BirchboxMan, including five personalized grooming samplessuch as anti-aging moisturizers, beard care supplies and hair styling essentials. The company began selling monthly men's boxes in 2012, priced at $20 and including a lifestyle item in each monthly box, such as stylish accessories and assorted gadgets. But Birchbox saw even more of an opportunity to reach men’s subscribers through an assortment solely focused on grooming.

S&S Fire Pits Cuts Delivery Costs 30% With Gig Economy Shipper

Retailers large and small struggle with the costs and complexities of the “last mile.” S&S Fire Pits, which delivers its products all over the southeast U.S., has opted for a gig economy-style solution that saves the company 30% on shipping costs. Even better, it has provided S&S with greater control over the delivery process and an improved customer experience. S&S has used Roadie for deliveries of its hand-crafted steel fire pits, which weigh 180 pounds each, since early 2015. The Roadie app connects shippers with drivers who bid on each “Gig,” similar to the Uber business model. Shippers can review a prospective driver’s ratings before agreeing to an assignment. The app also provides shippers with real-time tracking of each delivery on their own mobile devices. Roadie provides $500 of insurance on each assignment, with options to purchase higher amounts for more valuable items.

Direct-To-Consumer Focus Motivates IT Upgrade At Tommy Bahama

Strategy sessions held back in 2015 had far-reaching impacts for Tommy Bahama. These meetings were the beginning of what has grown into an ambitious program for upgrading many of the apparel brand’s key business solutions, including order management, warehouse management, retail store operations, analytics, merchandising and its entire e-Commerce ecosystem. The 160-store retailer has a thriving e-Commerce business and also operates restaurants in 18 locations. The IT upgrades, scheduled to take place through summer 2019, will bring an enterprise-wide view in two important strategic areas: order management and analytics. Tommy Bahama anticipates significant benefits, according to Lisa Atwood, EVP of Operations, IT and eCommerce.

Hydrobuilder Cuts Chargeback Rates 89% Via Fraud Management Solution

As a startup company with less than 15 employees, Hydrobuilder, an e-Commerce retailer of indoor and outdoor gardening products, must handle the growing pains of dealing with increasing fraud attempts. To streamline the fraud prevention process and minimize overhead, Hydrobuilder onboarded the Kount platform and managed to: Reduce its chargeback rate from 0.47% to 0.05% (an 89% decrease); Decrease chargeback dollar amounts by 79%; Reduce fraud losses by 70%; Drop its decline rate from 10% to 4.49% (a 55% decrease); and Reduce the number of manual reviews. Hydrobuilder often dealt with “friendly fraud” issues prior to the implementation, according to Brittaney Cox, Director of Internal Resources at Hydrobuilder. Consumers would place orders but later on would claim that they hadn’t. To repel this and other fraud attempts, Hydrobuilder uses Kount’s Order Linking technology to compare data elements in current transactions — such as Device IDs, email addresses, credit card account numbers, etc. — with data elements from past transactions to uncover fraud. “We had a lot of customers coming in that would commit fraud and then change the information that they were using and commit fraud again,” Cox said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “We just had no visibility into…

Tommy Bahama, Costco, Foot Locker CEOs Chart Diverse Paths To Success

At the SAP Retail Executive Forum held earlier this month in New York City, chief executives from a diverse group of retailers shared some of the “secret ingredients” that have contributed to their organizations’ long-term success — even as the retail industry has undergone near-constant change. The leaders of Tommy Bahama, Costco and Foot Locker offered insights that included: • “Customers are looking for you to do what you did last time, but to do it better. Stay focused on delighting your guest.” — Doug Wood, CEO, Tommy Bahama • “The culture of the company is what it’s all about. Culture is not the most important thing, it’s the only thing, because it drives all the decisions you make.” — Jim Sinegal, Co-Founder and Director, Costco Wholesale • “Consumers don’t think in terms of channels, they think in terms of the Foot Locker brand.” — Dick Johnson, President/CEO, Foot Locker

DXL Group Uses Data Analytics That Add Science To Decision Making

Destination XL Group has rolled out DynamicAction to unify its data across the digital business and arrive at actionable insights faster. DXL turned to the platform to help it discover the steps needed to create a customer-centric environment and drive higher sales and profits. With the data, insights and recommendations gathered from the platform, DXL can: Create more opportunities for upselling and increase customer lifetime value and profitability; Drive more full-price sales; Break down inventory availability across channels; and Prioritize business decisions more effectively. As the retailer has continued to grow, Sahal Laher, the company’s Chief Digital Officer and CIO of Destination XL Group, realized that the company simply had too much data to analyze.
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