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Retailers can greatly benefit from learning about their peers’ success stores. In this section, Retail TouchPoints offers case study articles featuring exclusive interviews with retail executives and their solution provider partners. These in-depth looks into retailer implementations include statistics, metrics and ROI use cases, in addition to quotes from the executives leading the charge.

Indochino Boosts Showroom Bookings 77% Via Landing Page Localization

As an e-Commerce retailer that thrives on physical showrooms to successfully expand its brand — reaching 50% annual revenue growth for the second consecutive year — Indochino needs to strategically leverage digital marketing to ensure that online shoppers visit its brick-and-mortar shops. With Unbounce, a landing page conversion platform, the made-to-measure suit retailer is using landing pages and geotargeted content to craft personalized shopping experiences. In a nine-month period, Indochino secured 800+ showroom bookings via Unbounce landing pages and 750 newsletter signups, growingin-store bookings 77% year over year. In total, 340,000+ unique visitors accessed the landing pages in that time span.

Zulily Pampers Millennial Pet Parents, Sees Sales Soar 33%

Millennials own more than one-third of pets (35%) in the U.S., more than any other generation, and they are leading the “humanization of pets” trend, according to the American Pet Products Association. In a recent survey, e-retailer zulily found that Millennial pet owners view their pets more like their children than previous generations, and almost all of them (92%) purchase gifts such as toys, clothing and treats for pets. More than half of Millennial men (55%) purchase gifts for their pets once a month or more, as do 47% of women. Millennials who buy their pets gifts on a monthly basis do so four times a month on average.

Exclusive CDO Q&A: BJ’s Goes All-In On Digital Transformation

In the midst of a multi-faceted digital transformation, BJ’s Wholesale Club is focused on offering convenience and value for its members. Recently appointed as the company’s first Chief Digital Officer, Rafeh Masood sat down with Retail TouchPoints for an exclusive and enlightening Q&A. Masood also will be presenting during the Retail Innovation Conference, May 1-2 in New York City, where he’ll share details on how he has been able to transform the culture and build out the digital team at BJ’s.

Customer Queries And Reviews Illuminate Sales For Lamps Plus

By increasing the variety and depth of UGC (User Generated Content) on its e-Commerce web site, Lamps Plus improved the customer shopping journey and armed consumers with significantly more information to guide their purchasing, both online and in-store. While Lamps Plus has sought out, collected and posted online product reviews for several years, customers’ questions and answers, visual reviews and checkout comments were put on the back burner — mainly because the retailer lacked the resources to implement the process.

Adore Me Boosts Active Customers 2.3X With Multi-Point Customer Segmentation

Like many new retailers, online lingerie seller Adore Me initially devoted a significant amount of resources to customer acquisition. The strategy worked: within six years of its founding, the members-only site, which offers new collections of merchandise every month, had grown to $100 million in annual revenue. However, “at some point we realized that our revenue had shifted from new customers to our existing customers,” said Josselin Petit-Hoang, CRM Marketing Manager at Adore Me. But maximizing engagement and sales from those customers was going to be a challenge, because “our communications with these existing customers were very basic,” said Petit-Hoang in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “We were only using email, and we were essentially sending the same message to all of them. But not all customers are equal: Some are very engaged; they buy a new set of lingerie every month. Others come to the site twice a year, buying one set for the spring and another for the fall.”

Air Tailor Sews Up Apparel Alteration Deals With Brick-And-Mortar Retailers

Going to a tailor to get a dress or suit hemmed or fitted can be cumbersome, especially if a shopper only wants to make a small or specific alteration to their garment. Air Tailor, an on-demand apparel alterations service that started as a text message-based app connecting individual consumers with tailors, has repositioned its focus to serve brick-and-mortar retailers across the U.S. Despite a 98% customer satisfaction rate on quality and fit, the text-based Air Tailor platform was not driving customer acquisition efficiently. After receiving an email from a global luxury retailer interested in the platform to help streamline alterations for their customers, the Air Tailor team decided that partnering with other retailers was the company’s best bet for driving acquisition. In the pilot retail location, sales increased 7% in the months after the app was launched.

Exclusive Q&A: How Bentley’s Pet Stuff Grew From 1 To 100 Stores In 2 Years

Featured in the photo above: Lisa Senafe, Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Bentley's Pet Stuff, and Giovanni Senafe, Vice President and Co-Founder. Through a steadfast focus on the brand promise, a successful acquisition strategy, and a little help from The Profit reality TV show host and financier Marcus Lemonis, Bentley’s Pet Stuff is on track to own and operate more than 130 stores by the end of 2018. Today, Bentley’s Pet Stuff (formerly Bentley’s Corner Café) is co-owned by Senafe’s wife, President and CEO Lisa Senafe and Marcus Lemonis, who is the CEO of Camping World, in addition to hosting The Profit. Key success strategies for Bentley’s, outlined by Giovanni Senafe, Vice President and Co-Founder, include: A subscription delivery service that offers a variety of pet food selections based on a concept of Mixology. “Pets no longer need to eat the same food all the time.” Marketing is local: Bentley’s supports local animal shelters, donates “tons of food,” and participates in pet adoption events. Real estate occupancy costs are 40% to 60% lower than the average, because Bentley’s stores are not a cookie-cutter size. “We are now known in the landlord landscape as an asset because we are willing to take…

Teacher Peach Sales Soar 114% With Amazon-Only Strategy

Rather than splitting her team’s efforts between its own e-Commerce site and the Amazon Marketplace, Teacher Peach Founder and Chief Creative Officer Randi Brill decided to focus exclusively on the marketplace in 2017 — and she saw sales increase 114%. Founded in 2012, Teacher Peach is an online-only retailer of teacher gifts and classroom products. “While I understand that focusing exclusively on the Amazon Marketplace is not for every business, it certainly was a very smart strategy for our business,” Brill explained in an interview with Retail TouchPoints.

Customer Reviews Help Brand Gain Quick Traction With Retailers

After establishing its business with natural products specialty stores and a select group of e-Commerce companies, the Seaweed Bath Co., a manufacturer, wholesaler and online retailer of seaweed-based skin, hair and personal care products, began to grow its business with larger retailers. Leveraging consumer-generated content (CGC) in the form of online product reviews was a key component of the company’s strategy to build its brand in the mass market, so Seaweed Bath turned to Bazaarvoice to help collect authentic product reviews from consumers and distribute them to its retail customers.

Kroger CIO Q&A: Innovation Initiatives Leverage IoT, Mobile Scanning And Shelf-Edge Videos

Long gone are the days when supermarkets were the most risk-averse, tech-unfriendly retailers on the block. In fact, the nation’s largest supermarket chain, Kroger, displays a commitment to data, innovation and tech savvy that other retailers should envy. The leadership of Chris Hjelm, who has been EVP and CIO at Kroger since 2005, is one reason Kroger has been able to keep up with the times. “I came from a background of high-tech at companies including Orbitz, eBay and FedEx,” said Hjelm in an exclusive interview with Retail TouchPoints. “I created a research and development team shortly after I got here, and that’s been a huge contributor to innovation — and it’s a unique capability compared to many of our competitors.”

PacSun Road To Unified Commerce Begins With OMS

California-inspired teen fashion chain PacSun has embarked on a multi-year plan to deploy unified commerce, starting with the implementation of an enterprise Order Management System (OMS) within the next 12 months. “The OMS implementation will provide the foundation for the various use cases we want to expand to enhance the omnichannel shopping experience for our customers,” said Alan Flaesgarten, VP of IT for PacSun, in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “The big win for PacSun is to sell our inventory in any channel, regardless of where the customer engages with us.”

Finding The ‘Glue’ That Defines Customer Engagement At TechStyle

Q&A with Traci Inglis, Brand President, Fashion Brands – JustFab and Shoedazzle, TechStyle Fashion Group In this exclusive Q&A, Traci Inglis shares her insights into the magic behind TechStyle’s success with the brands under her purview, including JustFab and Shoedazzle. Founded in 2010, TechStyle serves more than five million VIP members across the JustFab, Shoedazzle and Fabletics brands. Before joining TechStyle in 2013, Inglis worked in marketing at Express, held a role in Retail Real Estate and Investor Relations at Westfield, and led the Digital Marketing and CRM teams across all brands at Torrid and Hot Topic.

L.L.Bean Extends Forecasting Timelines To 18 Months, Tightens Inventory

As a retailer that began its journey in the catalog business, L.L.Bean has taken many steps to evolve its supply chain to cater to consumer demand. The latest move has lengthened and improved its forecasting capabilities. The retailer’s recent major supply chain overhaul began in 2014, with the implementation of new forecasting and fulfillment tools from JDA Software. Since implementing the solutions, L.L.Bean has: Extended forecasting abilities from monthly and seasonal to 18 months in advance; Improved forecast accuracy 4%; Switched forecast processes from manual to automatic; and Tightened its inventory management levels.

Millennial Focus Boosts Wine Access Email Click-Through Rate 35%

Wine Access has been dedicated to bringing “wine, wine lover and winemaker together,” since it was founded in 1999, according to Mark Alexander, VP of Marketing and Product Management. But by 2017, the online marketplace needed to tweak its tasting menu to reach Gen X and Millennial consumers. A rebranding effort that included revamped email marketing helped the retailer improve click-through rates by 35% and also lower the average age of new customers by 10%. Attracting younger customers is critical in the highly competitive $220 billion American wine market. A recent white paper published by Wine Access, titled Through the Grapevine, revealed that Millennials now comprise 47% of the target customer segment — larger than any other demographic group. Additionally, wine trends change quickly: Rosé, for example, is now 14X more popular in terms of sales than it was just two years ago.

Less Than A Year After E-Commerce Debut, Alfred Dunner Doubles Online Sales In 6-Month Span

Family-owned Alfred Dunner operated successfully as a wholesale women’s apparel brand for more than 75 years before finally opening a direct-to-consumer e-Commerce site in September 2016. Its late entry into digital sales hasn’t held Alfred Dunner back: online sales doubled in the six months between June and December 2017. The sales totals have completely outpaced initial goals, according to Juliana Mathewson, Director of E-Commerce at Alfred Dunner.
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