SwayChic Boosts Email Campaign Effectiveness By 300%

The majority (83%) of businesses said that email, the “inescapable reality of the modern business world,” is critical to business operations or revenue, according to a report about email deployment from Aberdeen Group. Delivering email messages at the times of day consumers are most likely to open and engage with them can boost campaign effectiveness and overall retail revenues. But many retailers don’t have the time or internal resources required to determine the best email delivery windows for various customer segments.

SwayChic, a multichannel women’s fashion retailer, maximized revenue with time-targeted email campaigns ― without spending hours analyzing customers’ optimal engagement periods. The company relied on automated predictive technology from Retention Science to identify the most advantageous time to deliver emails to existing and prospective customers. Predictions were based on more than 30 different behavior attributes, including the times of day shoppers opened previous emails, visited the SwayChic web site, made their last purchases, and more.

“On average, email programs based on Retention Science predictive marketing technologies increased revenue by 300%,” said Cheyanne Mackay, Project and Marketing Manager at SwayChic, in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “The time-targeted programs also saw a 40% increase in the average open rate and doubled the average click-through rate.”


A specific email campaign targeted “prospective customers most likely to churn, based on past behaviors.” said Mackay. “We sent this group one of three offers: 15% off, 10% off, or free shipping. Retention Science predicted which consumers should receive which offer, and at what time. The result was a three-fold increase in revenue normally generated from past promotional emails.”

Prior to March 2012, when SwayChic turned to Retention Science, every customer and prospect received the same batch-and-blast email messages.

SwayChic now implements 12 to 15 email campaigns per month, Mackay stated, all optimized by predictive technology. For each promotion, SwayChic especially studies “revenue per campaign and predicted customer lifetime value ― two metrics that are extremely important to our business.”

Emails targeted by optimal open times are important to SwayChic “because we want to really connect with our customers,” said Mackay, “and develop better relationships through one-to-one messaging. We are trying to make customers go full circle between their online shopping and our six brick-and-mortar stores.” 

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