Newegg Unifies Self-Service, Live Chat To Power Omnichannel Concierge

As a major pure play computer parts and electronics retailer, Newegg has had to prioritize the customer service experience delivered on its web site. But with more consumers using their mobile devices to access e-Commerce sites and gather real-time assistance, Newegg turned to customer engagement platform Moxie to help integrate and enhance these shoppers’ experiences.

Using Moxie, Newegg can offer a concierge-like experience to customers, delivering information that unites three digital communication channels:

  1. Self-service via contextual information provided by the consumer;

  2. Live chat with Newegg representatives; and


  3. Email. 

Given that Newegg’s core audience is already more tech-savvy than most retailers’, the brand needs to not just meet but exceed service expectations — which makes the seamless unification of all three channels that much more valuable.

“We have to provide an experience that meets the shopper where they are,” said Sue Martin, VP of Customer Service at Newegg. “If we can do that by being available to them wherever they are on the site, without intruding on them or having pop-ups to try to interact with them, then our customers tend to react positively.”

In tune with the imperative to stay in the background until the consumer is ready for assistance, Newegg customers can opt in to self-service 24/7 from any device, or chat live with a Newegg representative.

“Our customers are typically people that are going to do everything online,” Martin said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “They think it’s important to have the place where they can get all the information they need, so that they can go on without having to ever talk to anybody. Our customers like that, and that’s why they’re online shoppers. We like it because we know that at a moment’s notice, we can change anything. If we need to change an FAQ, if we need to push out some additional information or if we need to alert our customers, we can do that, making it easier for the customer so they don’t have to call in.”

Analytics Plays Key Role In Engagement

The Moxie solution also provides analytics that give the Newegg team visibility into the performance of its digital engagement channels. By intelligently monitoring consumer behavior throughout the site, the brand can see where consumers are engaging the most, and determine from there what the best particular response should consist of — for example a chat from a Newegg brand advocate, or a partner manufacturer.

“Having a unified approach allowed us to integrate our knowledge base,” Martin said. “We liked the idea of integrating that with our chat and email when Moxie presented that to us. It provided us the relevant information from the customer, and carried it to the chat representative if they still needed live assistance. What was most helpful at the end of all of that is that we could gather reports to see what perhaps needed additional content, or if we needed to change content to improve the consumer experience.”

Through the Moxie self-service portal, Newegg customers can browse the site on their mobile device and find valuable product information on their own whenever they’d like.

“Our customers are very large B2C companies, and their mobile traffic is increasing rapidly year-over-year, as much as 70% in the last two years,” said Tara Sporrer, VP of Marketing at Moxie. “We design our solutions with a mobile-first mindset and extend all of these experiences with the mobile device in mind. We all know customers switch devices, so the experience is critical whether you’re on a tablet or a desktop. You might not provide the same length of information on a product if you knew the customer was on mobile, you’d want to give them briefer rundown. The chat is fully optimized for mobile so that you don’t turn off and lose customers.”

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