#RSP16 Webinar Series Delivers Strategy And Planning Insights

The #RSP16 Retail Strategy & Planning webinar series offers a concentrated burst of information, insights and best practices for retail decision-makers. Over four days, from Sept. 19-22, Retail TouchPoints will present seven webinars on some of the industry’s hottest topics, including:

• Using location data to boost business results;

• Harnessing distributed analytics to drive revenue, CX and supply chain excellence;

• Building an “advocate army”; and


Safeguarding your e-Commerce business from the ravages of data-scraping “bots”.

“We are proud to offer seven compelling sessions featuring leading retail executives who will focus on marketing, data analysis and customer experience strategies,” said Debbie Hauss, Editor-in-Chief, Retail TouchPoints. “We suggest retailers and their colleagues sit down together for the webinars, then compare notes and inspiration within their organizations.”

Registering for just one of the sessions provides entry to all seven, along with access to the complimentary presentations, live and on-demand.

Following is the complete schedule for the #RSP16 Retail Strategy and Planning Webinar series:

Monday, Sept. 19

12 PM Eastern

Adapting Lifecycle Messages To Target Changing Consumer Behavior

If consumer behavior is changing, shouldn’t lifecycle messaging strategies? This webinar will push the boundaries of traditional best practices and provide:

• Insights into consumer behavior and how it impacts email marketing;

• Cart abandonment strategies that defy conventional wisdom;

• Welcome series tactics that leave subscribers wanting more; and

• Ways to take birthday and seasonal messages to the next level.

Sponsor: Bronto Software

Tuesday, Sept. 20

12 PM Eastern

Using Omnichannel Commerce Data As A Competitive Differentiator

A recent Forrester study discovered that as many as 66% of midmarket companies are choosing cloud solutions in order to keep up with innovations. This webinar will provide key findings from this study and will also reveal the benefits of unified commerce, including:

• Optimizing DC operations;

• Ensuring the best in-stock positions

• Delivering relevant, personalized information to shoppers;

• Offering seamless pick-up and delivery options; and

• Developing meaningful, long-term relationships with customers.

Sponsor: Tribridge

2 PM Eastern

Are Bot Operators Eating Your Lunch?

As many as 30% of e-Commerce site visitors are unsavory competitors, hackers and fraudsters, and online retailers are particularly susceptible to the effects of advanced bot threats — including competitive tactics like price scraping, product matching, variation tracking and availability targeting. This webinar will provide ways to:

• Stop competitors from scraping your prices and monitoring your inventory;

• Reduce chargeback fees due to transaction fraud, carding and account hijacking;

• Protect your brand image, reputation and SEO rankings; and

• Optimize your conversion funnel and enjoy clean analytics and KPIs.

Sponsor: Distil Networks

Wednesday, Sept. 21

12 PM Eastern

How To Leverage Your Own Data To Amplify Your Brand

This webinar will demonstrate the power of first-party data — the data sitting inside your enterprise’s own systems — to target current customers on Facebook, Google, mobile devices and other channels to drive repeat purchases. Attendees will also learn tips on targeting potential new customers to grow your audience and amplify your brand.

Sponsor: Emarsys

2 PM Eastern

4 Ways To Improve Business Results With Location Data

Location data can go a long way toward improving personalized interactions, customized product offerings and optimized merchandising decisions. This webinar will identify how retailers can:

• Use mapping and geography to gain faster time to insights;

• Improve assortment and range planning with location data;

• Boost CRM visualization; and

• Export location information for better replenishment and planograms.

Sponsor: Esri

Thursday, Sept. 22

12 PM Eastern

How Retailers Can Harness Distributed Analytics To Drive Revenue, CX And Supply Chain Excellence

Retailers may be generating more data than ever, but it’s not enough to simply stockpile data and send it to the CIO. Smart retailers are realizing the importance of taking powerful insights and sharing them across both internal and external networks with distributed analytics. This webinar will reveal how distributed analytics can boost revenue, drive customer retention, and enhance the customer experience, as well as how these solutions can help you differentiate from the competition.

Sponsor: GoodData

2 PM Eastern

Build An Advocate Army, Drive More Revenue In 2017 And Beyond

Peer-to-peer referrals are dominating the retail, subscription and consumer services space. Turning your customers into an “advocate army” can generate more revenue during the holiday season as well as into 2017.

This webinar will provide guidance about:

• What type of referral program is best for your brand;

• The importance of an advocate; and

• How retailers recruit their advocate army.

Sponsor: Extole

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