Wayfair Furnishes E-Commerce Success With Tableau

In order to boost e-Commerce revenue, retailers need to constantly evaluate and improve their site experiences by incorporating compelling content, high-quality visuals and other elements. 

And because consumer behaviors and preferences are constantly changing, retailers also need to track a series of key performance indicators and respond to any notable trends quickly and efficiently.

Using Tableau, furniture eTailer Wayfair is leveraging data to make better decisions around its e-Commerce design and capabilities. And as Web Analytics Manager, Daniel Wu focuses on all elements of the e-Commerce site. Tableau helps him visualize data by creating a series of heat maps, which empower him and his team make better decisions around site optimization and the online customer experience.


“We have millions of visitors coming to the site on a daily basis,” Wu said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “We use heatmapping, visualization and reporting through Tableau to outline different stages of the funnel and how consumers use the site, going from Point A to Point B.”

Bubbles of different sizes “lay” on top of the heat maps, so Wu and his team can visualize customer experiences and overall levels of engagement. The dashboard outlines clicks, conversion rates and the overall length of browsing sessions, providing a comprehensive view of customers’ overall activity on the site.

“It allows us to see if we’re making the necessary improvements to the site,” Wu noted. More importantly, it allows Wayfair to see if adding new elements or executing new layouts leads to predicted results.

“For example, if you see that one ad doesn’t get a lot of clicks because of its placement on the site, but it leads to a lot of revenue, you can move it up and get even more sales,” Wu said. “You want to be proactive and make necessary changes right away.” 

The Tableau heat mapping solution makes updates every 24 hours, which allows Wu and his team to look back at past performance and make more educated decisions regarding site layout and design.

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