UX Analytics Drive L’Occitane Mobile Sales Boost

Enhancing the user experience (UX) is a common challenge for brands and retailers, especially as consumers continue to shift towards mobile and e-Commerce. To better understand how users engaged with its mobile e-Commerce and improve its UX, cosmetics brand L’Occitane en Provence partnered with analytics solution provider ContentSquare to gain deeper insights into what’s working and what isn’t. With an enhanced understanding of user behavior, the company achieved a 15% lift in sales on mobile devices.

“In 2013, L’Occitane began to understand the need to focus on UX in order to improve engagement and conversions,” said Anne Lesueur, the company’s International e-Commerce and Media Director, in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “We started looking for innovative companies that offered a new approach to acquisition and conversions, and that’s how we contacted ContentSquare, which focused on user experience.”

L’Occitane operates more than 50 web sites in 30 countries, generating $1 billion in annual revenue. But the brand noticed discrepancies in checkout page conversions between markets and wanted to see how users behaved differently in order to optimize the checkout UX. Through the partnership with ContentSquare, L’Occitane was able to utilize the company’s heat maps and artificial intelligence-powered technology to analyze the checkout process and identify the “struggle points” in each market.


“Our main focus was a global redesign of the web site,” said Lesueur. “We wanted to anticipate and understand the different behavior of customers across countries, and we wanted our new web site to reflect the preferences by country.”

ContentSquare allowed L’Occitane to conduct its own analysis. Lesueur said the company was able to build its own optimization roadmap in just a couple of months. “We had a full list of operational optimization, and with the ContentSquare methodology, we were able to prioritize actions based on impact/ROI potential and complexity.”

Lesueur shared five key goals the company had when partnering with ContentSquare:

  • Provide a different experience that users would commit more to;
  • Optimize the cost of acquisition;
  • Implement a continuous optimization cycle;
  • Empower the team with data and insights; and
  • Embrace and strengthen the digital transformation.

Taking Solution Worldwide For Maximum ROI

L’Occitane began its implementation with its French team. From there, the brand expanded to the U.S., UK, Japan, Russia and Brazil. “We were implementing a new strategy and looking for a centralized approach where all countries would use one solution and work together towards one goal,” said Lesueur. L’Occitane now has four countries trained on ContentSquare and plans to continue to train teams in all other countries so they can autonomously use the solution.

“ContentSquare offered to start with a one-time audit of the web site,” said Lesueur. “During this audit, in 2013, ContentSquare gave an in-depth analysis that highly impressed L’Occitane and shaped our optimization roadmap. The results were quick to come, and the value was clear. That led to L’Occitane signing a full contract in 2015.”

Lesueur said L’Occitane’s relationship with ContentSquare is a true partnership and it continues to see value and results. The company has recently seen new challenges with apps and how they are used and plans to work with ContentSquare in that area as the next step of their partnership.

“We have finalized a plan in which ContentSquare will help us analyze the apps and enable us to improve personalization,” she said. “This is the next step in our continuous optimization.” 

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