Skincare Brand Expands Business With Personalization

Over time, consumers establish a set of favored brands and products, especially when it comes to their beauty and skincare routines. 

Because bath and body product preferences hinge so heavily on individual tastes and experiences, brands in this category have an opportunity to engage and convert users by delivering offers and incentives that align with individual wants and needs. 

To appeal to individual shoppers, 100% Pure, an all-natural bath and body brand, is investing in personalizing the cross-channel shopping experience. With its recent implementation of AgilOne, 100% Pure is in the process of segmenting its customer base and tailoring offers, incentives and content to buyers’ behaviors. 


“We recently segmented our data using AgilOne to see who our core customers are,” said Ric Kostick, CEO of 100% Pure, in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “Although we’ve segmented our audience into four categories, we plan to get even more granular over time.”

Customer data points — including the specific products shoppers buy, how many units and how frequently they purchase — are aggregated into a central repository. As a result, emails and offers can be tailored to shopping patterns and product preferences. 

“We have customers who are just buying our skincare products and nothing else,” Kostick explained. “So when we target our promotions or educational newsletters, we can send them emails that just include skincare-focused articles or offers.”

The 100% Pure team also can analyze the frequency of offer and incentive redemption, which helps determine whether customers convert consistently or only purchase when they receive an incentive, Kostick noted. With this information in hand, “we know that in order to get a conversion from those specific customers, we need to send them promotions.”

Data collected and integrated into the AgilOne platform also will be used to improve the relevancy of 100% Pure’s VIP loyalty program and replenishment campaign. Specifically, 100% Pure plans to add tiers to its VIP program and allow customers to redeem their points for products they’re interested in, versus a general list of 10 products, Kostick explained. The retailer also is refining its replenishment program, which taps into purchase data to follow up with customers who may need to reorder specific products. 

“For example, we know that our containers of eye cream typically run out within 60 days,” Kostick said. “So we’ll send a reminder email 45 or 50 days after the purchase date and say it may be time to reorder the product because the supply is running low.”

Data Fuels Cross-Channel Strategies

Information 100% Pure gathers about its customers is not only used for online marketing efforts; the retailer is referring to the location of loyal online shoppers to drive brick-and-mortar investments.

Rather than guessing about where to open new stores, 100% Pure is pinpointing core customers who purchase the most on a frequent basis. “Then, we look at a 10-mile radius to see which shopping malls align with the location of the largest cluster of our best customers,” Kostick reported. “That’s how we’re determining the location of our retail stores moving forward.”

This data-driven approach aligns with 100% Pure’s goal to create a highly integrated, customer-centric experience across all channels. “Creating an individual experience that is tailored to each customer is ideal,” Kostick said. “And that is what AgilOne can help us do.” 

The relationship between online and brick-and-mortar is very synergistic, Kostick noted. “One doesn’t take away from the other; they build upon each other. So if a customer is buying on the site and you open a store near them, they’re going to go to that store and become even more immersed with the brand.”

100% Pure also is implementing 360-degree cameras in-store to analyze customer traffic patterns, which will help identify which areas of the store need to be re-merchandized. With the entire business moving to the NetSuite commerce platform, 100% Pure will be able to aggregate online, in-store and headquarter office data into one system.

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