Runtastic Generates 8 Million App Opens With Personalized Content

Mobile apps are an effective way to engage with users and generate brand awareness, but as consumers become more tech-savvy, they become more demanding and want to be able to access relevant information across multiple channels. Runtastic, a developer, marketer and distributor of fitness tracker apps and wearables, generated more than eight million app opens by enhancing its mobile app experience for global users through personalized content delivered in multiple languages.

“Our previous solutions were only covering either email or mobile, and they were not integrated across channels,” said Reinhard Buchinger Growth Project Manager at Runtastic in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “Also, they were not well-suited for localized messaging or addressing complex customer communication journeys. We needed to move beyond point solutions and into a more cross-channel intelligent marketing platform.”

Following the implementation of a solution from Emarsys, Runtastic experienced a 300% increase in campaign creation efficiency and more than 8 million app opens. The company also received more than 200 data points for customer journey optimization. Runtastic ran a mobile app campaign to send promotional push messages to Basic Users and during that promotion period, Buchinger said the company saw a five times increase in revenue.


Runtastic provides personalized fitness journeys for a large international active user base to build long-term loyalty. The company partnered with Emarsys, a B2C marketing automation software provider, to leverage its integration capabilities and automated programs and deliver relevant and timely content across in-app, push notifications and email.

Emarsys was able to provide Runtastic with a scalable cloud marketing solution to accommodate their growing mobile needs, which included:

  • Universal event integration: Runtastic needed a data integration solution capable of collecting real-time training results and identifying and providing personalized fitness plans to each individual.
  • Aligned cross-channel management and execution: It was critical for the company to have built-in support and a unified campaign management process that enabled multi-channel campaign orchestration.
  • Automated fitness journeys: The company needed to provide customer support throughout their entire fitness journeys, which included timely progress updates, congratulatory in-app messages, fitness plan upgrade suggestions and more.

“It is incredibly helpful and vital to have a single solution that unifies the messaging and streamlines the full lifecycle of campaigns, including campaign setup, execution and reporting,” said Buchinger. “We can quickly use the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud to setup mobile-only campaigns or campaigns that flow across email and mobile. This allows us to build out campaigns and customer journeys that focus on the customer messaging experience, and then report on those results within a single platform. Technology became a huge advantage for us.”



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