No Review Is A Bad Review At PureFormulas

With as much as 65% of revenue coming from repeat customers, consumer satisfaction is vital to the PureFormulas online brand. While retailers often look for positive reviews to bolster their brand, they can even discover benefits from reviews that don’t speak as highly of the product experience. In the case of PureFormulas, the retailer uses all reviews to specifically address feedback in a timely manner.

With the implementation of consumer review platform Trustpilot, PureFormulas outsourced its review process to a third party, enabling the retailer to build additional transparency and trust with the consumer. Using Trustpilot, PureFormulas has been able to generate customer reviews that can:

  • Open communication between the retailer and the consumer;


  • Increase brand loyalty among existing customers;

  • Drive traffic to its social media pages; and

  • Boost organic search result rankings.

Trustpilot is one of three preferred review partners of PureFormulas, along with Bizrate and ResellerRatings, which help power the retailer’s customer reviews process. The Trustpilot service has accounted for approximately 20,000 reviews for the retailer, according to Daniel Moure, CMO of PureFormulas.

With Trustpilot, PureFormulas has another source to include reviews aside from the ones already included on the e-Commerce site, and can further encourage shoppers to give feedback on their purchase.

“Whenever a customer places an order with us, an automated system from Trustpilot sends them an email seven to 10 days later on our behalf,” Moure said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “In the message, Trustpilot says that they are a partner with us and that they want to make sure it was a good shopping experience for the consumer.”

Transparency is important to the PureFormulas team, and is a major part of the e-Commerce retailer’s offering, which focuses heavily on educating consumers about its health products. As such, PureFormulas customer service members — referred to as the Customer Happiness team — respond to every review in order to engage with the consumer.

“If we see that there’s a bad review, we look to solve the problem immediately, but the review stays on the site,” Moure stated. “That’s the beauty of Trustpilot. We don’t manage it and if somebody gives a poor review for some reason — deserved or not — it’s out there and it stays on the web. That’s a benefit of those review partnerships. People can actually speak their mind.”

The unbiased nature of the reviews enables PureFormulas to gather and analyze feedback that can be useful for both their products and customer service capabilities. The team can then make internal adjustments on the fly based on the suggestions from the responses.

While PureFormulas relies heavily on TrustPilot to handle one side of its reviews process, the company does host its own on-site reviews as well. These reviews are attached to every product made available online and are categorized via a five-star system. Consumers can describe the purchase process and their level of satisfaction with the product, list the pros and cons and even recommend the product to a friend.

Reviews Power Search, Social Capabilities

PureFormulas initially spent money on paid search and Google ads in an attempt to bolster search rankings, but the company also sought out reviews as a means to improve its SEO capabilities.

“The more that’s written about your service that’s authentic, the better the site will rank on the digital space,” Moure said. “More people will find you. Google algorithms are changing all the time, and they are looking for authentic conversations online.”

The engagement resulting from the customer reviews function has further boosted the retailer’s ability to attract shoppers to its social media sites where they can continue the dialogue, particularly its Facebook and Instagram pages.

“We don’t want to mix any commercial or any selling in those areas,” Moure stated. “That’s our opportunity to have real conversations with our customers. We share recipes there, and it’s another opportunity where we can hear what our customers need. A lot of the evolution we’ve gone through at PureFormulas is based on the demand from customers, and there’s no better tool in today’s age than social media.”


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