Vineyard Vines Earns 150% ROI With Analytics Platform

In just its first year of deploying a retail analytics platform, Vineyard Vines achieved a 150% ROI through a combination of improved campaign personalization, better understanding of customer buying behaviors and extending access to customer data companywide.

Vineyard Vines used the Customer Intelligence (CI) for Retail analytics platform from CCG Analytics to discover that a large audience of women were purchasing men’s and/or children’s products, but not buying items for themselves. The retailer’s marketing team responded with a targeted women’s editorial mailer that included an offer valid exclusively for women’s products. Response to this mailer significantly exceeded the company’s average for 2018, and more importantly it served as a springboard to test similar strategies with other customer segments.


Vineyard Vines also leveraged CI for Retail to help drive holiday sales. “We were retaining existing customers very well, but during the 2018 holiday season we noticed a dip in customer acquisition rates,” said Chris Fitzpatrick, Vice President of Business Analytics and Strategy at Vineyard Vines in a statement. “We were quickly able to act off this information and implement two credit card acquisition partnerships that targeted our best potential customers, resulting in a very successful holiday period.”

CI for Retail consolidates and analyzes data from all marketing applications, operational systems and third-party software, creating a complete view of customer behaviors, preferences and interactions. These capabilities are helping Vineyard Vines accurately measure the incremental value of new brick-and-mortar stores against its overall business, and also to develop a web site personalization strategy to increase online sales.

Vineyard Vines is seeking other ways to expand its shopper base and drive sales. The company recently partnered with Target to offer a limited-edition collection of more than 300 items across home and outdoor goods, apparel, accessories and swimwear to the mass market. Target will feature the products in all stores and on from May 18 to July 13, 2019, with prices ranging from $2 to $120.

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