Dollar Shave Club Expands Product Assortment In Lifestyle Push

Seeking to grow beyond its namesake category into a more inclusive men’s lifestyle brand, Dollar Shave Club is launching two new products: $5 deodorant sticks and $5.50 wipes. CEO and Co-Founder Michael Dubin unveiled the company’s newest products during a keynote session at Shoptalk 2019.

The company already has expanded beyond razors and shaving cream to other personal grooming categories since its $1 billion acquisition by Unilever, offering products such as toothpaste and cologne.

“There’s this basic level of products that people need every day in the bathroom to get ready,” Dubin said during the keynote. “People shower, they use deodorant and antiperspirant, they brush their teeth, and a lot of people shave multiple times a week. We want to cover all those basic categories, and we’ve done that. As we think about new categories, we will get into more specialized products as it relates to guys’ grooming concerns. We want to know everything about the customer, we want to know if he has thinning hair, or if he’s concerned about his aging, or if his hair is unruly. All of these things we learn about our customer through their member profile, we will then turn into our product development pipeline.”


Dollar Shave Club is deepening its use of member profiles in 2019, leveraging data regarding age, ethnicity and location to develop a series of product recommendations for shoppers. Dubin noted that with this information, Dollar Shave Club will likely move into skin care, dandruff shampoo and anti-aging products in the future. These products will be targeted to people in their 20s all the way up to those in their 70s.

With a company mission to help consumers take care of their bodies and minds to look and feel their best, Dollar Shave Club emphasized the lifestyle model through a recent ad campaign. During the presentation, the company played an ad released last summer, called “Getting Ready,” which shows many different types of men (including a drag queen) going through their morning grooming routines.

“If you look back at all of our creative over the years, we have always had a spirit of inclusion, of diversity, of trying to celebrate different types of men,” Dubin said. “It’s designed to reflect our member base, and it’s designed to reflect our country at large.”



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