UGG Launches First Flagship Store in NYC; Plans for More Worldwide

Footwear brand UGG has opened its first flagship store, on Fifth Avenue in New York City, the first in a planned fleet of flagship stores that will roll out globally in 2021 and beyond. The multi-level, 12,842-square-foot store will feature exclusive items and experiences not available at the retailer’s other stores.

Some of the early events being held to promote the store include:

  • UGG In-Store Giveaway: Shoppers who make a purchase at the store will have an opportunity to nominate an “everyday hero,” who will be put in the running to win a gift card; and
  • Hero Discount and Hours: Every Sunday until the end of 2020, military, health care, fire and police workers can shop early, from 10 am to 12 pm EST, and receive 10% off full price items.

“We are thrilled to launch the new UGG Flagship on Fifth Avenue in New York City,” said Stefano Caroti, President of Omni Channel at UGG parent company Deckers Brands in a statement. “As the pinnacle expression of our brand, we will showcase the breadth and depth of UGG as a true lifestyle brand and provide the customer with the ultimate brand experience.”




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