Onitsuka Opens U.S. Flagship in New York

Japanese footwear brand Onitsuka Tiger has opened its second U.S. location, a flagship store in New York’s SoHo neighborhood that will exclusively carry the brand’s luxury line, THE ONITSUKA.

Conceived by Bruce Mau Design, the store’s design is inspired by the high-end collection’s simple color palette of black, white and red. The predominantly white space makes the store feel clean and refined, accented with bold red and black touches.

Texture and materiality permeate the store design, including details such as leather seating and terrazzo flooring. A grid wraps around the store to create order and simplicity, dividing the store into distinct areas and guiding shoppers through the space. Translucent red arches drawn from the “O” of the brand monogram serve as elegant brand moments and navigational gateways that attract customers toward focal areas in the store.

Bench seating, pedestals, shelving and hanging rods work together to accommodate visual merchandising needs. Custom fixtures were designed as a flexible, modular system that can be scaled up or down as needed in future stores.


The light and airy central boutique area is contrasted with fitting rooms and a dramatic private VIP lounge area that is tucked behind a mirrored wall in the back of the store. In this space, modern furniture gives a nod to traditional Japanese design, while a combination of warmer elements and all-black finishes create an exclusive atmosphere.



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