Marketers Misattribute 1 In 3 Online Transactions Without Cross-Device Measurement

Traditional analytics tools that look at activities on a device-by-device basis provide an incomplete view of customers’ multi-device journey. In fact, without cross-device measurement tools, nearly one-third of online transactions may be misattributed.

In a report, titled: The State of Cross-Device Commerce, Criteo revealed that:

  • Conversion rates using cross-device analytics are up to 40% higher than with a per-device view;

  • Cross-device measurement reveals that buyer journeys are 41% longer than partial-view models indicate;


  • Nearly one-third of all cross-device transactions begin with a smartphone; and

  • Cross-device buyers are fairly evenly represented across the three primary purchase devices: smartphone (28%), tablet (36%) and desktop (31%).

Cross-device measurement is becoming a more valuable part of marketing analytics due to the increasing roles of smartphones and tablets: 36% of all online purchases in the U.S. were completed on mobile in the second half of 2016, a year-over-year increase of 20%. In that time, top U.S. retailers grew sales from smartphone transactions to 25% of all online retail sales, representing a year-over-year increase of 41%.

Consumers aren’t just shopping on mobile devices more often; they’re spending more per visit. Average order values on both smartphones and tablets are increasing. In Q4 2016, smartphone spend increased from $74 to $79 year-over-year, while tablet spend jumped from $91 to $98.

Fashion and luxury retailers have the highest mobile share of online transactions, at 41%. Home goods/home improvement mobile transactions showed the largest increase, with a 31% jump over the prior year. Sporting goods purchases on mobile had the second-largest growth spurt with a 30% increase in that time period.

Even though many retailers need to improve their mobile app user experiences, mobile apps actually captured a larger share of transactions than mobile browsers: 55% to 45% during the second half of 2016.



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