Hubba Unveils Flares Tool For Product Discovery Process

1hubbaB2B commerce network Hubba has launched a free tool called Hubba Flares that allows buyers to send inventory requests and receive relevant product suggestions directly from brands.

According to Hubba, when launching a new category buyers dedicate an average of up to 30 days to the product discovery process. Bubba Flares enables retailers to customize requests and shipping stipulations and communicate their product needs explicitly to discover new, trending brands and products directly from brands.

“In this new world of commerce, one of the greatest challenges buyers face is keeping up with product trends, market changes and discovering the right new products to meet customer demand,” said Ben Zifkin, CEO and Founder of Hubba in a statement. “Hubba Flares makes the process of discovering and engaging with new brands simpler and more efficient for buyers building their assortment.”

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