L’Occitane UK Boosts Mobile Conversions 159% With Personalized Product Displays

L’OCCITANE en Provence is leveraging personalization across its 50 e-Commerce sites operating worldwide to deliver an experience on par with brick-and-mortar shopping.

The brand’s UK e-Commerce division reported a 159% increase in mobile conversions after implementing Qubit Aura, an AI-powered mobile product discovery platform. Within the mobile experience, L’OCCITANE can display the most relevant products based on a visitor’s intent, measured via swipes, clicks and views).

After deploying personalized messaging on the UK e-Commerce site’s product detail page, revenue per visit (RPV) increased 2.86%, while revenue per customer (RPC) climbed 3.55%.


Additionally, the L’OCCITANE U.S. site saw a 2.65% uplift in RPV after leveraging strategies to keep customers from abandoning the site. When a visitor indicates they will leave the site, a popup shows up, highlighting the last two products the shopper added to her basket.

The L’OCCITANE global e-Commerce team started using Qubit Pro, a behavioral data-based personalization platform designed to deliver targeted experiences at scale, to collaborate and share best practices across multiple domains and locations, such as the U.S., the UK, Japan, Brazil and Australia.

In addition, the beauty products manufacturer and retailer deployed Qubit Aura, which sits on the brand’s existing mobile web site and, through AI-powered personalization, changes the products users see based on their behavior in a social newsfeed type experience.

“Our customers now expect the same personalized services they receive in-store online,” said Loanne Le Gac, E-Business Product Coordinator at L’OCCITANE en Provence in a statement. “Our e-Commerce team is committed to ensuring that that’s the case, and on a worldwide scale.”

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