Godiva Harnesses Single System For Global Digital Asset Management

Godiva is driving greater efficiency in its global marketing efforts through Canto’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) software. The solution was initially used as a convenient way to house Godiva’s promotional photos, but its use has since expanded to encompass a range of digital assets used by marketing teams across the world.

“In the beginning it was just somewhere to house our photos, and that was it,” said Azita Shahidi, Design Development Manager at Godiva in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “Now our whole global marketing department is putting their materials into the system so they can all use the same material at the same time.”


The software also lets different branches communicate efficiently no matter where they are located. In the past, Godiva couldn’t use the same solutions across all regions, which sometimes impeded design efforts.

“For example, people in China couldn’t use Dropbox,” said Shahidi. “You had to use other platforms for disseminating information. With this system, you can send an email saying the material is uploaded, and they know exactly where to check.”

Additionally, the Canto solution has been helpful in limiting access to materials when needed, such as when dealing with outside agencies. Godiva has been able to set up portals containing only the items relevant to a specific project. The portals automatically update themselves as more materials are added to their specific library.

Godiva’s new system has also been easy to learn, according to the retailer, with little training required for users to achieve proficiency. That accessibility is a major benefit for the retailer, which has more employees requesting access to the system daily.

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