Cashierless Store Solution Provider Operates Own Store as Technology Testing Site

As the autonomous cashierless store concept continues to gain popularity and shopper adoption, a number of solution providers are entering the market. Much like Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” technology that it sells to other retailers (like airport retailer Hudson in the U.S.), other tech companies are making their AI-powered models available to brands across the globe.

In Europe, PIXEVIA provides AI-powered store automation and smart city technologies to retail companies in France, the Netherlands, the UK and the Baltics (as well as the U.S., Canada and Australia). Using its visual recognition AI model, the company also runs its own PIXEVIA Smart Store in Europe — a fully automated convenience store where the company develops and test its technology.

Designed to make shopping for essential goods easy, quick and convenient, the Smart Store uses AI algorithms to provide real-time stock information, tracking everything from goods on shelves to customer movement and items in their carts. PIXEVIA’s focus moving forward is to make the concept’s AI technology transferable to retail chains, gas stations, kiosks and cafés across Europe.

“The pandemic really ramped up the need for a safer shopping experience, said Mindaugas Eglinskas, CEO of PIXEVIA in a statement. “Overcrowding created by the store workers and clients, customer queues and poor premise disinfection are things that regular grocery shops have to tackle. AI- powered stores, however, are unmanned and take literally seconds to check out. No queueing and no personnel limit present day health hazards significantly.”


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