The RoomPlace Boosts Sales With Improved Merchandising And Search Functionality

Online consumers enjoy the convenience of digital shopping, but many miss the opportunity to speak with store associates directly about products, the best pricing options and other specifics.

Consumers nationwide visit The RoomPlace to receive quality deals on furniture and home décor. Although inventory is already at a discount price, shoppers have the chance to save more when if they bundle furniture and/or purchase complete sets. This value propositions is conveyed in stores by showroom associates and in-store signage, but was difficult to communicate effectively to online shoppers.

The multichannel retailer has re-launched its e-Commerce site on the MarketLive Intelligent Commerce platform, a move that has improved online shopping experiences and increased consumer engagement and sales.


“With more of our competitors moving online, we need to stay competitive and be at the forefront of the web,” Todd Williams, Director of e-Commerce at The RoomPlace, said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “One of our core principles is to offer room packaging and show how consumers can put pieces together to save more and get better deals. Since we’re a multichannel company, we want to show all products online for our customers that want to conduct research then make a purchase in a store, or just buy online.” 

Since re-launching the e-Commerce site, The RoomPlace has executed more compelling merchandising and search capabilities: “Now we’re able to effectively communicate offers and options on the product page,” Williams noted, “as well as the amount of savings possible if consumers buy package deals versus individual items.”

Complete furniture lines also are displayed at the bottom of product pages via a series of individual photos. In turn, consumers have the ability to research other pieces and make better, more educated decisions ― as well as increase cart size.

“Having the ability to merchandise and show our entire inventory is very valuable,” Williams said. Since the retailer carries so many SKUs, “it’s a big help to online consumers when we can so if we can help put pieces together for them, we are more helpful for our customers.”

With the MarketLive implementation, The RoomPlace has moved site management, marketing and merchandising activities in-house. As a result, team members can test marketing campaigns, landing pages, product merchandising and other tactics more quickly and efficiently.

“Now, merchandising and marketing initiatives can be executed in minutes,” Williams explained. For example, “if we have a banner ad up, we can track how many consumers click on it, and make adjustments as needed.”


Giving Ready-To-Buy Shoppers The Information They Need

In addition to helping online customers search for the best buy, the new e-Commerce site also has more intuitive search capabilities, particularly helpful to consumers just starting the browsing process.

For example, predictive search functionality provides consumers with suggested keywords, products and categories as they type into the search bar. If consumers misspell a word, they are provided with a series of alternative options, Williams noted. “We’re in the era of Web 2.0: If consumers are searching for something, they expect results.”

Consumers also are able to refine their searches based on a series of factors, including product color, fabric or price range. This new feature makes it easier for shoppers to find a product that is within their budgets, and increases the likelihood that transactions will be completed.

“Every online retailer wants to get customers in and out as quickly as possible, especially if that customer is ready to buy,” Williams said. “In order to increase conversions, you have to get them to the exact products they’re searching.” To ensure customers have a seamless search experience, The RoomPlace consistently tracks and refines terms and keywords based on past behaviors.



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