Cross-Device Targeting Becomes Top Mobile Marketing Priority For 2015

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More than half (58%) of retail executives and ad agencies point to cross-device targeting as their most important asset for mobile marketing efforts in 2015, according to research from Criteo. The research shows that 42% of these respondents consider consumer engagement as the top goal for their mobile app strategies.

The report, titled: eCommerce Industry Outlook 2015, highlights seven trends that are expected have a significant impact on the online shopping industry over the next year. The report is designed to help advertisers stay ahead of the curve and adjust their marketing strategies and investments to align with consumers’ evolving online shopping behaviors.


Seven key advertising predictions for 2015 include:

  1. Mobile will make up 40% of global e-Commerce transactions;

  2. Cross-device marketing will drive significant value;

  3. Programmatic buying will drive rapid growth in native advertising;

  4. Brick-and-mortar retailers will focus more on online strategies as they experience the impact of webrooming;

  5. Mobile apps will focus more on consumer re-engagement;

  6. Automated ad formats will offer even greater flexibility with the rise of adaptive, liquid and responsive design; and

  7. Acquisitions and consolidations will continue to intensify in the ad-tech industry, enabling marketers to access and use actionable data to optimize spend across global channels.

The report concluded that marketing success and failure will depend largely on the ability to use key technologies and partners to reach always-on consumers with personalized messages across devices. Additionally, Criterio advised that retailers invest in mobile and cross-device targeting solutions if they want to boost sales. Retailers can partner with tech companies to facilitate ad campaign creation and execution on a global scale.

Cross-device advertising will allow retailers to not only identify a consumer using multiple devices as a unique user, but also to differentiate between a customer and a prospect, the report concluded. Having this detailed insight will empower retailers to deliver relevant messages and optimize ad spending for acquiring new customers and engaging existing customers.

Click here to access the report.


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