Amazon Integrates With Facebook For New Push Into Social Shopping

In one of the most powerful combinations yet of social media and e-commerce, Amazon and Facebook have quietly launched a new integration which could make shopping a seamless part of the social experience.

The new integration is designed to allow users to link their Amazon and Facebook accounts to receive purchase suggestions based on their Facebook interests, see gift recommendations for friends with upcoming birthdays and browse items popular among friends.

The integration, which pulls data from movie, music, and book preferences, uses Amazon’s recommendations feature to suggest similar products. The integration gives new meaning to social shopping, as it enables shoppers to tap the “You Might Also Like..” approach for gift shopping, all within Amazon’s network.



Users will also get reminders when Facebook friends have birthdays, and can search through friends’ Amazon Wish to buy a gift. The integration allows users to see what preferences they have in common with their online friends, as well as display which items are popular within all of Facebook.

Although the integration is an innovative, exciting concept for retail, it could raise privacy concerns. Amazon said it will not share users’ account information on Facebook or reveal previously purchased items. Any information not shared publicly on Facebook will not be broadcast to others, and the e-commerce giant said it will not contact their customer’s friends.

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