Midwesterners Most Likely To Join And Remain Active In Fuel Rewards Loyalty Programs

If gas stations are looking to offer loyalty discounts, they should make sure to set up shop in the middle of the country. Midwestern consumers are the most likely to join a loyalty program to save on fuel (57%), and also are the most active loyalty program members (32%), according to a report from Excentus.

These figures aren’t surprising given that Midwestern shoppers also lead the way in attitudes about saving on fuel costs. As many as 69% of Midwesterners say it’s important to earn rewards on fuel when gas prices rise, compared to:

  • 64% in the South;


  • 62% in the Northeast; and

  • 62% in the West.

This Excentus report, based on results of a July 2015 Ipsos eNation survey of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers, highlights regional differences in consumers’ behaviors and preferences for loyalty programs, with particular focus on currencies that enable them to earn everyday rewards to save at the pump.

Northeasterners rank highest in terms of income among all four groups, and they link their fuel rewards-earning capability to a credit card (28%) more frequently than residents elsewhere (13% each in the South and West; 10% in the Midwest).

Northeasterners tend to be self-described heavier drivers who are eager to save on the costs of driving by using a variety of programs. Southerners are more willing than other U.S. residents to find discounts and switch brands (53%), grocery stores (49%) or retailers (45%) in order to earn rewards to save on the cost of gasoline.

Westerners have the highest rates of membership in grocery store loyalty programs that offer fuel rewards (78%), and they are more likely to track their rewards from a mobile app than consumers in other regions.

Regardless of the region, consumers throughout the U.S. share the same top three reasons for joining a fuel savings rewards program:

  • The program is offered through an existing loyalty program (46%);

  • The program helps them save money (39%); and

  • Rewards can be earned at stores where they already shop (36%).

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