Shoppers Use Smartphones More Than Any Other Device

The smartphone is the most widely adopted Internet-connected device, with 71% of shoppers using their devices each day, according to Blackhawk Engagement Solutions. An increasing number of consumers also are using their laptops (66%) and tablets (43%) daily, confirming that consumers are growing more connected and retailers now have more opportunities to engage with them.

However, to successfully engage with connected shoppers, retailers must understand when consumers use their devices most frequently. The study, titled: Where It’s At: A Connected Shopper Story, indicates that the optimal time to capture customer attention is late in the day. In fact, 48% of online shopping now occurs between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. Some consumers also shop online during the workday; 28% of all online shopping occurs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. When consumers are home after a long day of work, they tend to watch TV and browse online simultaneously. As many as 58% of consumers shop at home while watching TV, and 47% of consumers learn about products, special sales and shopping news on TV.

Blackhawk Engagement Solutions conducted the study in April 2015 to identify how and where consumers are using connected technologies to discover products and shop. The results include feedback from 2,608 U.S. adults.


Reaffirming consumers’ growing reliance on mobile devices, 63% of shoppers said they would consider receiving offers on their smartphones based on where they are in a store. More than half (59%) of consumers also said they would consider allowing retailers to know where they are in-store in exchange for exclusive values and savings.

An increasing number of consumers also are more open to paying for products using their mobile devices. In fact, 54% of shoppers said they would likely use a mobile wallet over a traditional wallet if it were accepted everywhere; 20% of consumers said they would stop carrying a traditional wallet entirely if mobile payments were accepted in all stores.


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