TikTok Launches First-Party Measurement Solution for Advertisers

TikTok has launched Attribution Analytics to help marketing teams understand the bottom-line impact of the platform's advertising solutions.
Photo credit: TikTok

TikTok has launched Attribution Analytics, a first-party measurement solution designed to help marketing teams understand the bottom-line impact of the social network’s advertising solutions.

The immersive nature of the TikTok feed means that consumers often see content that inspires them — but they don’t act upon that inspiration until much later, according to the company. As a result, 79% of conversions attributed to TikTok by users themselves were missing from traditional last-click attribution models.

The solution is now available within TikTok Ads Manager and features Performance Comparison, which allows advertisers to:

  • Visualizes conversions across different time windows so they can use the most effective attribution strategies for their business;
  • Gauge the effectiveness of TikTok in driving view-based conversions, so they can create the most effective ad creative for the platform; and
  • Uncover granular insights into user behavior, so that advertisers can evolve from click attribution.

TikTok will continue to add new features to Attribution Analytics over time to give advertisers more insight into how their campaigns perform. “Having visibility into extra click-through and view-through event data has made it easier to prove TikTok’s value and scale our clients’ campaigns,” said Thomas Carter, Senior TikTok Strategist of Power Digital Marketing in a statement. “This tool has allowed them to look beyond a standard last-click window with more confidence.”


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