Advertisement Increases Conversion Rates With Email Marketing

Despite the rise of mobile and social media marketing, email still plays a pivotal role in retailers’ cross-channel marketing strategies. To maximize customer acquisition and retention efforts, merchants across categories are leveraging a variety email campaigns, including post-purchase messages and abandoned cart reminders. is tapping email marketing to connect with current and potential customers more effectively. By partnering with Listrak, an email marketing solution provider, the outdoor gear eTailer has established a foundation for several email campaigns based on specific consumer behaviors. For instance, the merchant successfully increased conversion rates by 45% leveraging a three-part email welcome series for new site visitors that subscribe to the newsletter. also utilized an online incentive encouraging subscribers to submit personal information in the email Preference Center. By offering a 10% discount on first purchases, was able to increase the variety of customer data available, and improved conversions by 50%. 


Having access to detailed customer data allows to craft more personalized subject lines and messages in emails, which is key for target consumers: outdoor enthusiasts with key shopping objectives while browsing online.

“Personalized emails are more important to online conversion rates than ever before,” said Andy Stroman, CEO of, in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “Five years ago it may have been acceptable to send a generalized email message, but consumers have gotten a lot pickier. We simply can’t cover every base and promote all of our 40,000 products in a single email.”

Going forward, will focus on more ways to refine targeting and personalization email strategies, Stroman reported. Additionally, the retailer plans to start tailoring messages based on geographic location, so that best-selling brands can be marketed in specific areas. As a result, Stroman anticipates that will see a “huge uptick in sales.”

Stroman also reported a boost in overall click-through rates since utilizing the more targeted email messages. “We’ve seen a lift of approximately 30% in click-throughs,” he said, “when we personalize messages and target email content based on specific brands our consumers previously have viewed or purchased.”

Tackling Shopping Cart Abandonment also uses email marketing to tackle a key pain point among most eTailers: shopping cart abandonment. Through a series of email messages, reminds consumers of products saved in their digital shopping carts — and has recovered more than 1,000 abandoned carts since adopting the Listrak platform in 2010.

Similar to the welcome campaign, the reminder message series also was executed in three parts. The first message was sent three hours following abandonment. Another reminder was sent two days later, and a final message was released one week after the initial abandonment. Total conversion rates improved 18.5% with the three-part campaign.  

To help retain customers and encourage them to revisit the e-Commerce site, also harnesses a post-purchase campaign, which has improved conversions by 11%. Touting both a personalized subject line and note of thanks for consumers’ purchases, this campaign helps increase loyalty and extend the customer lifecycle. will continue to leverage solutions and services from Listrak to “make every email count,” according Stroman. “People are getting smarter and more time-starved, and simply won’t go through vague messages one by one. Results of our email marketing campaigns demonstrate that the more personalized we are, the higher the conversions and click-throughs. We successfully refined and targeted our strategies to reach out to customers in new and compelling ways.” 


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