Cost Plus World Market Shares Personal Customer Info In Billboard Ads

Cost Plus World Market Shares Personal Customer Info In Billboard Ads

Home goods retailer Cost Plus World Market is taking a new approach to crowd sourcing for its latest campaign. The company partnered with its agency barrettSF to ask customers personal information, such as their location and how they live, to create a variety of out-of-home ads targeting twenty-something urban consumers moving into their first apartments.

The information — including their real first and last names — will be displayed on nearly 100 versions of personalized print and outdoor ads. The theme of the campaign is “We know your small space” and includes a 40-page, 2-inch tall product catalog and a furnished living room built on top of a Chicago bus shelter, according to Adweek

“Most retailers see small living spaces as problems that need to be solved,” said Todd Eisner, Creative Director at barrettSF, as reported by Adweek. “We see them as an opportunity to show off your individuality by curating and creating a unique home. So we decided to speak, quite literally, to individuals.”

The ads include statements such as:

  • “Elena Kjos in the one-bedroom around the corner from that ramen shop on Bellevue Ave., this coffee table is perfect for you.”
  • “Jenn Paschall in the apartment across from the old blues bar on W Ermitage, this is “your” sketch desk Not only will it fit in your room, it fits your feng shui too.”
  • “Debbie Butler in the brownstone on W Lill Ave. near that late-night jazz spot, this seat should be in your living room. That is, if you want to feel less cramped and more cozy.” 
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