Urban Outfitters Personalizes The App Experience With Lifecycle Marketing

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With more than 1.2 million mobile app users, Urban Outfitters has established a base of loyal and active consumers.

As a result, Urban Outfitters continues to focus on refining and optimizing the app experience to create clearer connections between the mobile and in-store experience.

“Our most loyal digital shoppers and buyers prefer mobile apps, so we want to keep enhancing and innovating the app experience,” said Jim Davis, Director of CRM and Interactive Marketing at Urban Outfitters. “That way, we can ensure we effectively entertain and engage our biggest fans.”


Personalized push notifications are used to engage mobile app users based on their stage in the browsing and buying journey, as well as their overall engagement with the brand and even current location. This mix of messaging tactics helps keep customers engaged whether shoppers are in a store, at home or on-the-go.

Urban Outfitters relies on the Intelligent Delivery algorithm from Appboy to manage a comprehensive lifecycle of marketing messages and offers that are delivered to app users. The retailer can send push notifications, email and in-app messages at the moment when each user is most receptive to communication.

“We dynamically trigger push notifications and News Feed stories to users based on Urban Outfitters organized activities happening near them, alert them to new features with which they haven’t engaged and alert them to low inventory levels for products they have added to carts or browsed recently,” Davis said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “We also lead each new user through a welcome experience that helps them understand all of the features the Urban Outfitters app has.”

Targeting communications based on customer preferences and behaviors led to a dramatic increase in message impressions.

“Intelligent Delivery has been extremely successful for us,” Davis said. “Comparing overall open rates before and after using it, we’ve seen more than 100% improvement in performance. Our one-week retention campaigns targeted at male app users improved 138%. Additionally, engaging a particularly difficult segment, users who have been inactive for three months, has improved 94%.”

Appboy has allowed the retailer to turn app messaging and the News Feed into “the most important means of direct-to-customer communication we have,” Davis added. Previously, Urban Outfitters didn’t have a reliable way to communicate with app users in a mass or targeted manner. “That made it challenging for us to teach those new to the app about all of the features and also keep longer-term customers and users engaged.” 


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