Overstock Takes A Bet On TV Commerce

Overstock has been an early adopter for a variety of emerging tools and technologies, including being among the first merchants to accept Bitcoin for online transactions.

Now, Overstock is investing in TV commerce. Through a partnership with Delivery Agent, Overstock implemented a campaign that allowed consumers with Smart TVs and homes with connected devices to shop through their televisions.

Consumers who participated in the “Overstocktober” campaign, which ran through October 15, were able to purchase products directly from Overstock TV commercials. Overstock leveraged the Delivery Agent ShopTV platform to roll out the commercials. When not viewing the commercial, consumers also could access the “Overstocktober” collection via the ShopTV application, which is available through the Samsung Smart Hub, as well as on PCs and connected devices.


“Overstock is known as an early adopter, leveraging technology to advance our relationship with our customers,” said Stormy Simon, President at Overstock. “With the launch of our ‘Overstocktober’ television campaign we were interested in providing our customers with a deeper connection to our brand and our products — something not previously available to a television advertiser.”

By partnering with Delivery Agent, Overstock was able to “add an engagement and transactional layer on top of our existing television creative,” Simon said in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “The output was a more interactive ad and valuable consumer analytics that are traditionally only available through digital marketing channels.”

Data and insights gathered from the “Overstocktober” campaign will be used by the retailer and solution provider to develop a roadmap for future TV commerce campaigns.

“By analyzing customer interaction, using the data available from this campaign, Overstock will be able to determine further advancements that can be made to the customer experience,” Simon said. “Delivery Agent makes TV advertising accountable, allowing us to bring Internet measurability to a TV campaign. This is a very valuable part of the Delivery Agent solution for us as it would be for any brand investing in television advertising.”

Previously, TV advertising was a one-way communication channel. But now, Overstock is able to incorporate web-like engagement into traditional ads.

“Our goal is to engage with our customers via all touch points,” Simon explained. The more we can engage with our customers, and provide them value, the more loyal we believe they will be. Today, the average household spends more than five hours a day watching TV. That’s the draw of television advertising. If we can make the viewing experience of our ads better for consumers, then we’ve won.”


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