Indochino Boosts Showroom Bookings 77% Via Landing Page Localization

As an e-Commerce retailer that thrives on physical showrooms to successfully expand its brand — reaching 50% annual revenue growth for the second consecutive year — Indochino needs to strategically leverage digital marketing to ensure that online shoppers visit its brick-and-mortar shops. With Unbounce, a landing page conversion platform, the made-to-measure suit retailer is using landing pages and geotargeted content to craft personalized shopping experiences.

In a nine-month period, Indochino secured 800+ showroom bookings via Unbounce landing pages and 750 newsletter signups, growingin-store bookings 77% year over year. In total, 340,000+ unique visitors accessed the landing pages in that time span.

Over the past year, Indochino opened eight showrooms in eight cities, including New York and Washington, DC, and has plans to open 18 more this year, giving it 37 showrooms by the end of 2018.


“These are major markets for us, whether people are buying online or in showrooms,” said Lisa Craveiro, Director of Acquisition at Indochino in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “We can now focus our efforts and our budgets on specific marketing channels that work best for hyper-local targeting.”

City-Specific Sites Drive In-Person Appointments

To help power its expansion, Indochino leveraged Unbounce to create hyper-local landing pages that invited men to “suit up” in each newly established showroom, building brand awareness and leading to in-person appointments in those markets. Prior to using Unbounce, Indochino’s web site landing pages lacked a simple navigation path that focused a users’ attention toward conversion goals.

“We were sending paid traffic to Indochino’s sites, but it was difficult to have city-specific messaging that could direct shoppers to a New York showroom,” said Craveiro. “They also lacked a strong call-to-action (CTA). Now, when shoppers arrive on the web site, they’re fully informed, they know when a new showroom is opening, they know the address and everything. We can create multiple variants of the same page with just a slight difference.”

By using the platform’s A/B testing tools, the Indochino marketing team can optimize CTA placement, headlines and imagery for each localized landing page.

Craveiro noted that because the company’s content management system (CMS) isn’t set up to easily communicate localized messaging, the Indochino team is now leveraging the Unbounce platform for sweepstakes and Facebook pages as well.

Working with a designer, the team created mock editorial articles for their Facebook ads to link to. These articles — which appear as blog posts — contain CTAs to “schedule an appointment” in a showroom, but also to “see the suits” for those preferring to browse. These articles provide a relevant destination for anyone arriving from a Facebook ad, but they also allow Indochino’s marketers to communicate different value propositions based on different ad messages. These pieces may include headlines such as “5 Reasons To Check Out Indochino’s Local Showroom.”

Indochino also is branching out further into paid media. The retailer may begin testing radio advertising within the next few months, but the scaling of this and other media initiatives will depend on initial test results.

Indochino Rolls Out Wedding-Specific Ads, Landing Pages

Beyond leveraging location-specific content, Indochino also uses landing pages to promote partnerships with wedding vendors such as The Knot and The Wedding Wire. Indochino already is rolling out wedding-specific ads and matching landing pages, as men are beginning to purchase suits for the summer wedding season.

“Weddings are a big part of our business,” Craveiro said. “We know how influential the bride is in that suit-buying decision for the groom. Often, we want to reach males specifically, but when it comes to weddings, we also want to reach wives-to-be as well. We leverage our partnerships to run eblasts, listings and other forms of display advertising in order to reach brides. There’s a lot of targeting you can apply — reaching those that are going to get married in the next four-to-nine months, which has been great targeting for us.”



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