Gaiam Yoga Doubles Conversions By Showcasing UGC

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Social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram have practically turned into forums for consumers to engage with brands and retailers they love. But the constant influx of user-generated content (UGC) that these platforms accumulate can make it hard for retailers to get a full picture of what’s happening on social media around their brand.

Pixlee provides visual marketing software that offers a platform integrating with social CRM capabilities, to help brands and retailers find their most passionate customers on social media. Yoga-wear and gear retailer Gaiam leveraged Pixlee to help the brand showcase user-generated content from loyal customers. After implementing the software, Gaiam found that customers who interact with the brand’s Pixlee widgets are 2x more likely to make a purchase than customers who don’t engage.

“Pixlee provides a way for our customers to visually engage with our products before they buy, which we have seen a direct impact on site conversions,” said Cyd Crouse, COO of Gaiam in an interview with Retail TouchPoints. “Having UGC across our website provides social proof of our brand and products to our customers.”


Pixlee has not only provided Gaiam with a seamless platform to find user-generated content, but it also allows the brand to make the UGC shoppable. With Pixlee, Gaiam is also able to:

  • Reach out to customers directly from the platform;
  • Aggregate content for a full picture of the brand; and
  • Create multiple UGC widgets and track conversions.

“We were impressed with both the vision and creativity that the Pixlee team has around how we can best use UGC to reinforce our brand story, not just on our platform, but also in our retail partner environments,” said Crouse. “Ultimately, what sold us on Pixlee was the ease of collecting UGC, identification of influencers we’ve never met, ability to create and syndicate multiple UGC widgets, and the ability to tie conversions to views of our on-site UGC.”

User-Generated Content Helps Grow Gaiam Ambassador Program

In addition to increasing conversions and engaging with customers, Pixlee has proven to be a powerful tool for finding, and engaging with, brand influencers for its Ambassador program. Pixlee also provided Gaiam with the ability to track influencer engagement levels, such as likes, comments, reach and other data points. 

“Pixlee provides a way for us reach out to our customers, directly in the platform, starting a dialogue about the products they own, their pictures, and Gaiam experiences,” said Crouse. “We have a growing Ambassador program and Pixlee has been valuable in finding people who have brand affinity and active followers.” 



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